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W8r2-hard work but a joy!


Up and at 'em and out running by 6am. (Second run in the beautiful ugly new shoes). Followed KittyKat007's advice and got some Tubigrip to support the ancient knees -and it did!! So thanks KK , I'm a very grateful ancient mum indeedy. An uneventful run, apart from a ridiculously quick (for an ancient mum) sprint at the end to avoid being run over whilst crossing the road. Note to self -in future, turn down the music a bit so you can hear the traffic!!

I can't believe I can run for 28 minutes without stopping, but I can because I've done it-twice. Amazing!!

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Well done. I am going out for w8r1 the reboot tomorrow, I have one of my knees taped up and am working on a new playlist now :)

AncientMumGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

Hi Spoonie I replied to you in the wrong place (I keep doing that!) if you're interested , my reply is below yours : /


Good luck for w8r1 tomorrow Sweetie. Let me know you get on fighting the triple gremlins of pollen, bockerty knees and carnivorous horses. Please feel free to share your playlist at any time (that's a polite way of saying I need to sort one out too and want to pick your brains) Have a fab run xx

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I shall share it tomorrow ;)


Thank you KK and thank you nice lady in the chemists.

Yes, I was quite shocked just how much speed I was able to muster when faced with a too close encounter with a sleepy van driver in a Ford Transit. Perhaps I should arranged to be chased by a lion when I start trying to hit the mythical 30min 5k. A little bit of adrenalin could make all the difference to my times! One more run before graduation week- crumbs!!

I shall share it tomorrow


You can so do it! I'm so glad it's gone well. You're so close to W9 - exciting stuff!! (I've had a couple of near misses too with music too loud - eeek!)

AncientMumGraduate in reply to LSBeech75

Thanks LSB. Hopefully I've learned my lesson!!


Well done! I'm about to tackle week 8 next so good to hear you're finding it ok!


If you're just starting w8 then we'll probably end up finishing w9 together because I'm having to leave 2days between runs at the moment (I'm cosseting my ancient knees so daren't run more frequently) It's very frustrating but better than leaving 3days between runs I guess. Enjoy w8, it's tough but it's so do-able.


Well done, AM, to both you and your sprinting ancient knees! Well done on the sprint, even if it was to avoid a calamity! Good luck for run three; soon be graduation time for you! :-)

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