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Week 6 Run 1 Dun!

Hi all - this is my first post but I've been lurking ...for 6 weeks. Can't quite believe how far I've come, and how much better I feel - I started this because of an incipient high blood pressure issue, and was inspired by a rather tubby friend who started running and managed to ditch 30kg and his beta blockers.

I've just finished W6R1 - bizarrely I found it harder than W5R3 ( the 20 minuter!) but still feel pretty good.

I appreciate reading everyones stories, they have certainly helped. I'm using the iPhone app with Michael Johnson as the 'Voice" and as he is so stern, it really helps keep me focused!

My biggest issue is finding a suitable time to run - I am brain dead in the mornings and until recently couldn't imagine being in fit state to go to work after a run - right now I think that's about to change. I finish my sessions feeling tired but in a good way, and after a shower feel pretty much restored.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the next few weeks take me - I haven't run since i was 15, now I'm 49 and feeling the penalty of years of idleness.

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I always run first thing in the morning. It seems to set me up for the day and give me a focus. Keep going and well done 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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I always run at night after the kids are in bed (dad is home then!!). Too tired in a morning before school/ work. Quick shower and fall into bed always works for me- out like a light!! Well done on your progress so far. Go you!!


Great stuff Steved 😊

Good luck with W6 R2....


Many of us wish we had come to running much earlier but we're here now 🙂

The programme is fab, and if you keep going with it you will become a runner like so many thousands of us have. It's fun but life-changing

Just go really very steadily. Slow as you like for this caper 🏃

I'm 60 but found C25k a few years ago, and like do many here, discovered the delights of racing. What a blast that is 😃😁🏅


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