Hi all,

Now thar I've graduated, and completed a 5k park run, the last week I've found it very hard to get motivated to go out and run.

I was so disciplined throughout the whole programme and always did my three rubs per week.

But now so thought the app to tell man what to do... I'm finding it really hard to make myself run, or even to kno2 how much or far to run.

I don't want to move directly on to 10k, as if like to get better and faster at 5k and improve. I just don't know how.

Any advice welcome.



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  • Now that you've lost the structure and the target of graduating it is difficult. I assumed I'd go on to 10K but instead found that I had stretched to get to 5K and needed to consolidate that. I tried the post-graduation Couch to 5K+ podcasts but gave up on them too easily. Parkrun is what is working for me, it's a target for each week and knowing that I'm going to do it gives me a reason for running during the week. Running regularly is starting to make 5K seem a little shorter and I get pleasure from feeling more like a "real runner" as it gets easier to run 5K non-stop. There are still times when I start running but then don't feel like doing 5K, or making the mistake of going too fast and running out of steam but it doesn't matter, it's still good to get out and run :)

  • I'm not sure how either!! but some have suggested a three times a week programme with 1 a bit of hill work 2. Slow/fast intervals using week one 60/90 but all runs and 3. A longer run. Some say just run for joy (?) and yet others say consolidate your runs but add 10% distance each week. It's a bit of a pot pouri pick n mix without any definite structure isn't it?!!!

    There are +c25k podcasts which might give you the structure you need...or if there's a newby or newbie friendly running group near you that might work. Do you prefer running alone or with others? What motivated you in the first place? Maybe worth revisiting that? Good luck :)

  • Hi you're not the only one, I had the usual targets plus a 60th birthday and a holiday day in Peru at altitude to get fit for. I felt I did brilliantly but now that's all over I'm finding it hard to keep motivated. I really really want to do regular Parkruns so hoping that will keep me going.

    Sorry I'm not being much help but perhaps keep up the Parkruns and keep posting and reading the posts.

    We can do it ... Happy Running!

  • What do you like best about running? Do you like running really fast and want to improve your speed? Put a session of fartleks or intervals in once a week. You can even use the same C25k program for intervals. Load up week 1 and do a gentle jog for the whole session, but pick up the pace for the 'running' bits. Another alternative is one shorter run per week, maybe 3k, but run it faster.

    Do you like new scenery? Commit to a new route once per week?

    Enjoyed Parkrun? Keep those up, and consider signing up for a race.

    The most important thing now is not what you do, but to ensure you keep up the habit without the program.

  • Id recommend finding a running buddy or a running group. When i run with friends my pace is always a lot quicker. I tend to run with a running group 2/3 times a week and go alone or with my partner once a week. When i run alone I have 0 motivation lol! Have a look on for your local group!

  • The main thing is - work out what your target is going to be, and use that for motivation! So I graduated back in November, and decided that I'd do parkrun once a month - a challenge in any case as I hadn't managed to run more than 4k by the end of C25K. I built up using the Stepping Stone and Speed podcasts from C25k+. First time I did parkrun I did it in about 39 minutes, I'd aimed for under 40 - it also gives you a target to aim for in terms of gradually getting your time down. Gradually I built up until I could run 5K, and my time reduced on parkrun by more than two minutes - my course best (set in May) over that course is now just over 36.

    Once I got to being able to run 5K consistently, which was a bit before Easter, I started to think about the next target - and so I'm now doing a 10K programme, looking towards a race end of September. But if I'd decided to do that as soon as I'd completed C25K I'd have probably given up!

    Partly it's what are you getting out of it - I reached the point by the end of C25K that I was genuinely enjoying the running, rather than just enjoying the feeling of achievement when I completed the run... if you're suffering through it just because you feel you should, you're not likely to be motivated. I remember a few years ago seeing someone running on a treadmill at the Gym, and she really looked like she was suffering - no hint of enjoyment, you got the feeling she was doing it purely to stay in trim - I could never do that, and I suspect most couldn't....

  • Hi Chloe. I was about to post something very similar so thank you! I am feeling demotivated 3 weeks post graduation. I am still running but fed up with week 9 tape. Have downloaded the stepping stones and stamina podcasts but not that keen on the music! I need to increase speed and distance a little as no where near 5k yet, not getting to 4k yet so park runs are a way off! The replies to your post have been helpful and I am going to set myself specific targets each week and see how that goes. Hope you get the motivation back too!

  • Hi I'm in a similar position. C25K finished but I knew I was very slow and nowhere near 5K. Just for fun I decided to go for a ParkRun last weekend. Great fun, challenging but well supported. It took over 45 minutes and had to walk up hills but I wasn't even last. I'd recommend you give it a try...for fun๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You don't have to run the whole 5K at Parkrun, if you can walk 5K with a bit of running you'll be welcomed along with everyone else. Check out the results, for instance where the last 10 people are over 50 minutes - can you manage that? There is usually a volunteer or two doing different walk:run splits, last time it was 1 minute:1 minute.

  • thanks for this, think I will try the route on a non run day and see how I go!

  • Hi Chloe, I'm in a v similar position to you and have just posted about it. I hope you find some structure/routine that works for you. Perhaps you could try different park runs to mix it up a bit? Or find a friendly running group? I've just enquirer with a local all-female running group and have been told I'd be very welcome to try it out, they have a group which do a 3-miler, so that would be suitable hopefully, and I'm sure there are running groups near you that would go the same. Good luck and look forward to hearing how you're getting on โ˜บ๏ธ

  • How about trying Zombies Run? Turn your runs into a game. I think it's the route I'm going to take when I finish next week.

  • I've designed my own programme. I'm on W12 R3. This week has been 3 x 31mins. Increasing by no more than 10% each week until I get to 5k and then I am going to consolidate and move on to stepping stones I think

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