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After doing the R.F. L in July , I've been in trouble . I completed that grass run , 5k in 32 mins , then a week after got a park run personal best . But then it's all gone wrong , calf problem which the doctor said was a minor strain & nothing to worry about but it's not right & when I attempt a run it's bloody hard work I can't understand it my legs feel like lead every run & that's after I even rested it for 2 week . Did a steady 5k , then a 4k in 30 mins , coz a legs , then Sunday a meager 20 mins , sorry for moaning but it's getting me down I feel like I just can't run no more .

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Of course you can run still, Rockette. But you've got a strain, and you've had some time off for resting. So give it a bit of time. Take it easy, and build back up slowly. You can do it. You've proven that before, and you can do it again!

Best of luck! :)


Thanks Tomas , I know it's silly really because I came back after being injured for 3 month before , but my legs honestly do feel like they don't want to run , mind you on Sunday I had been at work on them for ten hrs !


Have you tried calf sleeves or tubi-grip on your calves, I swear it worked wonders for me. Agree with Tomas, it's not easy to get back in to it after a lay off of any length. I struggled after Dr ordered me to use a cross trainer instead of running for a month and I'd been doing the same time on the cross trainer.


Yes when I ran for 30 mins on Thursday I did use that & it was a much better run . Don't now why I didn't use it on my last attempt . Thanks for reminding me


Believe me, I know exactly how you feel Rockette. I'm finding even a short break really shows in my stamina. I struggled with the 5K RfL after a week's holiday in Snowdonia which involved walking hills and mountains! It took me a while to get back on a par with my previous runs.

BUT.....when it starts to come good again, I find it's even better, as though the body has said, 'd'ya know what - I need a bit of a break so I'll just take it easy for a bit' then after a while, comes out fighting fit and PB busting!

Just go with it - if you only manage a short run, well, that's still a run! And it's all adding to the general building blocks and will pay off before long. And the tubigrip is a good idea!


Sorry to hear that Rockette. Just take it easy and don't hesitate to go back to the Doctor if you know things aren't right. You will take time to build up again but you know your own body and if it doesn't feel right I would go back - maybe you need some physio to strengthen the muscles. Take care


Rockette - keep your chin up, don't be convinced you are struggling. I have been feeling very low all summer thinking that I was just going backwards (probably because all the other beginners at the running club seemed to just run off into the distance). Breathing was laboured legs felt heavy etc etc. So panic set in knowing that I had signed up to two 10K races and 5K over the last 3 weeks and at each event I have done a new PB - so of course have been really pleased with myself.

I never run with a watch - the best might be listening to the radio which gives the odd indication on time (ie news each hour) so at no time when running do I really know if I am actually going faster or slower and until I saw the clock at 2 events was I able to know whether I was doing better. We are definitely becoming very competitive against ourselves and I doubt anyone of us would have thought this possible when we just wanted to see if we could do C25K. And we have all done it with bells on - so just be proud of where you are. Sorry I might have overdone my post!


Aw Rockette, sorry you feel you are struggling. I think the only thing to do is to keep at it and it will come good again. I know you have been capable of much more, but don't be down hearted with shorter runs - at least you are out there and building up again. Could even try extending your distance a bit with a few short walk breaks.

Chin up and try to be patient.


Hi Rockette!

Sorry to hear you're having problems duck! If you're tired though, after being on your feet all day, it's not surprising you're finding it hard going. We all would!

Maybe you could restrict your runs to just when you have a day off work. Any run being better than no run sorta thing

It would be sad to have to pack it in after you've come this far, and bought running shoes! Have Cascadias will run! LOL


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