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Struggling on week 7

Loving being a runner! I'm so glad I found couch to 5k. This mornings run was really hard though w7r2- even though I've done a 25 min stint in w7r1 I've not listened to music before and did this morning, I found it really distracting and had to walk twice for a minute or so. Worried about going into week 8 when I'm struggling with the 25 min stint.

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Hi Beckybee

First of all well done on week 7 you are doing amazing!

You made a major change to your running by adding music. I did the opposite to you, always ran to music then after listening to some podcasts about running without decided to drop the music. If I now us music I find it distracting and causes me to change my pace to suit the music. Did having the music make you run faster than your normal pace? Maybe it masked what your body was telling you about your pace?

Don't get too disheartened, it may take a few runs to get used to running with music, same as running surrounded by other people running does. It can be hard to stick to a pace that you want and not be drawn along to a fast beat or others running faster.

Like I say don't get too disheartened, continue on with wk 7 and see if you can get used to the music, or go back to running without.

I use runkeeper app that is free, so I can see how fast I have been going, I had a tough 3.5 mile run today but discovered later that my 1st mile was 1 minute faster than my usual.

Keep going with the plan and good luck. Graduation is only 2 weeks away.



In hindsight yes perhaps the music just changed my pace which threw me out. Some great tips :) I think I usually motivate myself in my mind whilst running e.g. "I can do this" and "I'm doing this for me" all that cheesy stuff has been working! With music I couldn't do that so concentrated on feeling an achy shoulder and stiff calfs!

Runkeeper sounds good will try it. Thanks


Sounds like you're doing really well Becky, on the music front I tend to take it or leave it, sometimes I listen to it and like the lift I get from certain songs and other times I just want to be alone with my thoughts.


Thanks so much, yes I agree! I run on the beach/harbour front and it's good to hear the gulls and waves too :-)


Hey Beckybee

I am one behind you, but found that on the first one having changed my route I didn't do as much distance. And I thought I was doing the right thing because Mr Smooth said maybe you could think about changing your route. So you've introduced a major change and it seems to have upset your rhythm - I'd continue with W7 personally and do it without music. If that works and you feel happy go on. If you still struggle in your preferred style of peace and quiet, then redo one of them. Either way it's touching distance now. Blooming well done


Yes it's amazing how one or two things can throw us off! Thank you!! Keep up the good work yourself. It's amazing but it is starting to become addictive, I don't want to go back to being a non runner! (Non- excerciser!)

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You're doing really well to reach W7, and you'll do fine on W8. Trust in the program, keep it slow, slow, slow and you'll get there.

I used the Podcast and Laura to get me through C25k and I stuck with her throughout. At that stage I couldn't risk any deviation from the straight and narrow!

Keep smiling, keep running and go for it! You can do it!


Thanks! Yep slow is good!


Firstly don't panic as you can do this and once you have done 25 minutes it's 'only' another three minutes. There is already good advice for you here but one thing I do when I am struggling is to talk myself through a hard bit. Today, for example, I had to run up an incline which feels like Everest but isn't really. I just broke it down - run to the bus stop, then on towards the manhole cover, past the junction, aim for the tree, then aim for a black car by which time the slope had eased off and I was home and dry (after a further 5 minutes).

Just take it steady and you will run for 28 minutes.


Sounds good to take the run in stages! Thanks!


Just a blip and a change in routine... stick to what has worked for you and have faith in yourself. You have come a long way!

Just head for Week 8, knowing, absolutely that you will do it.. warm up well, then start slowly and relax into the run...light steps, breathing comfortably, doing what you have done for 7 weeks... succeeded!

You can do this.

"Nothing to fear, except Fear itself..." We will be right beside you!


I will be the one whispering Slow and Steady!!!!

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Thanks! That's a great quote! It's strange how something as simple as running can feel like a whole new battle in life! Conquering this makes me feel I can do anything.

I can see why running is good for self-esteem/mental health.

Thanks again team runners!

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Yeay!!!! Invincible!


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