Nowhere near 5k?


I know I've only done run 1 of week 8 but I don't seem to be anywhere near running 5k, I admit I seem to walk faster than I run but how do I get up to 5k in 30 mins? Yes simple answer is run faster but I don't know how to get there - this sounds a bit silly but do you get faster with more practice?

What's more important the length of time you run or the distance? Probably worrying about nothing but ...... any nuggets of wisdom



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  • Quoting Laura, on the C25K podcast, W1r1:

    The objective of the program is to be able to run for 30 minutes, three times in one week.

  • Here here Marky Mark 😎

  • You don't have to run 5K in 30 minutes.. as MarkyD says.. the idea is to run for 30 minutes, three times in one week after nine weeks:)

    Many Graduates, some of them marathon and half marathon runners have never done 5K in 30 minutes and don't want to:) Irish-John did a survey on it... it was interesting.

    You just do what you are doing, get to graduation and as ever slow and steady! You get stronger with each run; distances increase after graduation and speed maybe, if you wish it:)

    You are doing just fine :)

  • Thanks, I can't even remember what they said in week one! Today I've done run 3 and feel great 3.4km so not bad.

  • You just focus on taking it slow and steady.. forget all about distance... Just enjoy the running is all about getting to thirty minute running comfortably and having had fun:) As MarkyD said in his reply:)

  • I'd bet if there was an exit survey done, 85% or more of the graduates weren't doing anything like a 5k in their 30 minute runs. I know I sure am not. As an aside, if you're doing this for health reasons, there is no more of a health benefit to running faster, than there is to running slower. It's all a matter of mechanics and exertion. How much ground you cover while doing so is simply a side effect.

  • There was a poll done recently on here and less than 10% of graduates who replied we're running 5k in the 30 mins at graduation.

    I'm about to start week 9 and according to my Fitbit ( not sure how accurate) my pace is 6'30" so 32.5 mins to run 5 k

    I'm fine with that. After I graduate I will see if I can run for 33 mins ie actually do 5 k and then worry about speed as my muscles build strength and make me go faster.

  • I did my graduation run this morning in a road race. 33 and change. So I sure don't make the sub 30 right now.

  • There was.. Irish-John did it... after some newbies were so worried about distance and speed:)

  • Thanks, good to hear it's not just me. I'm doing it for mental health reasons any fitness is an added bonus 😀

  • I'm on week 6 and took part in a park run today, I managed 45 minutes (was doing better but sprained my ankle with 0.5km to go) I don't think I will ever do it any quicker than 40 minutes! But who cares, I am doing 5k! I don't need to be the fastest!

  • You'll be surprised how you improve once you graduate. My first park run was 43 mins ... now I run 5k in 36 mins and get ever so slightly faster each couple of weeks 😀 it's amazing how your fitness keeps improving

  • I was thinking about doing a park run before the end of the 9 weeks but I have dodgy knee and ankles so would be walking the rest of the way after the app stops but I'm a bit worried this might annoy the organisers.

    Sorry to hear you sprained your ankle. Where u aiming to run the whole 5km?

  • There were people there a lot slower than me, so I wouldn't worry about that! I was so nervous! I'm not the skinny type and everyone looked quite professional! I hung near the back, which is where I stayed! The volunteers were all very supportive telling me I was doing well and to keep going!

    I would have liked to run the whole 5k! My aim was to get to 25 mins, but when I got there I wasn't far off 3k so pushed myself to that! I probably could have push myself further, but I had a blister and got to a hill! I planned to walk 0.5k and then run the rest before the ankle went! Still bad now :(

  • I did a park run 5k and walked all the way before I started C25K, they were very nice didn't mind at all, go for it!

  • I did my first 30 min run on Thursday and covered 3.9km. So still a way to go for 5k but I am still pretty chuffed with that.

  • I've run many 5ks including Parkruns and not got under 36mins 36 secs.. but am not concerned too much with times, I just get out and do it, slowly, sometimes a sprint comes on, but mainly tortoise speed!😁 So, don't worry about speed or distance it's great your doing it!😊

  • Firstly- don't panic! Most of us couldn't do a 5k in 30 minutes when we graduated. Just focus on completing the programme at a pace you can manage. You can work on speed after 😎

  • Is there another program for after C25K, I.e. To actually build up to 5k not sure I want to go to 10k

  • Do not lose heart :) My first post on this forum was to ask 'Is it even POSSIBLE that I run slower than I walk?"

    My pace was sloooow - but I graduated, then went on to do a 10K, then entered a 5K race and did it in 33:47.

    but MOST's been a blast! :) Slow or fast, long runs or short I get so much enjoyment out of this running lark I could not imagine quitting :)

    Take it slow and steady. None of us here are going to win the Boston (or London) Marathon - but we sure as heck can win our own 'Inner Marathons' ;)

  • I started the plan in April,graduated and ran in the race for life last weekend and have never got below 42 minutes according to my Fitbit. However I jog along quite happily amazed that I can even run 5K at all. I now do this 3,times a week along the seafront in Bournemouth and will be 60 in August. So just celebrate your health and ability as most as us do on this supportive forum. Life.despite the grim news of the last couple of weeks is good 😊

  • Thank you Katypotato for asking the same question as I was thinking! I am due to do week 8 R3 when it cools down this evening, and I too believe I walk faster than I run, but have found the replies to your question quite reassuring......although still wandering how I go from 8 minutes of running on Thursday to 20 minutes today!

  • How did it go?

  • I hope you managed your run it was so hot, I've done mine this morning and feel great but much cooler up north today, felt great though and not too worried about distance just focusing on graduating now 😀

  • Aghhhh Ive had a cold since Thursday but after searching this site saw it was OK to run as long as it "was above the neck" ran W5 R2 Thursday and felt no ill effects at all, unfortunately during a coughing fit about an hour before I was going to run last night, something went "ping" in my lower back and now cant stand up straight, so after being initially gutted, now have it in perspective and will take a week off and start week 5 again next week. Thank you for asking :)

  • As has been said, first you need to get yourself to a point where you can run continuously for 30minutes. So it focuses on your stamina and endurance. As we are all different there is no one app fits all that can guarantee 5k in 30 mins

    Speed comes with time. If you maintain the x3 runs per week that the program has got you doing, then 5k will be achieved sooner than you think.

    However, isn't it amazing that you are now running for 28 minutes? Not only that you are hungry for more speed? Well done you... I think you've become a little bit obsessed with running

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