Help I'm struggling!

Hi All. This is my first post on the Couch to 5K site. I have never thought of myself as a runner, but always up for a challenge, I thought Id give this a go. I have surprised myself as to how far I have actually run and got with Laura, but I must admit, I'm struggling a little now that I am on week 8, and today didn't help with a hefty fall. Big ouch! I feel like packing it all in but I must carry on as I have registered for the Race to Life in Darley Park in July. I think Couch to 5k is brilliant, and well done to all of you have kept going on it, but I'm finding it hard to get over the first 10 minutes or so. Once over that I'm fine usually, but its been a real struggle this past week. Any tips?


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13 Replies

  • Persevere. I think most people find the first five or ten minutes of a run the hardest, but it does get better after more time. Please don't be disheartened and give up - dig deep and break through this stage!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Steve_L :-)

  • Hi there - Persevering - keep it up! It's true, the first 5mins plus are horrible - I have it - and everybody I've asked who runs - even one guy who's running Brighton Marathon in a few weeks - say that it's the same for them! But it's worth it when you're through it :-)

    I find I try to really concentrate on how everything is feeling - trying to will my legs and lungs into order :-) Not sure it actually works, but at the very least it keeps my mind so occupied I spend less time wondering why on earth I'm even attempting this run - and, it's ALWAYS worth it when you've finished :-)

    Keep on with it - you're so close now - I can see you in the distance, pulling onto the final straight - nearly at the C25K finish/graduation line! Yay!!!

  • Don't give up because of a bad run, we all have them and you have come so far. I think by this stage in the programme the repetitiveness can be difficult and the music not to your tastes either. I know some people on here manage to listen to Laura with their own music and it really can make a difference. Combine this with a different route (somewhere scenic) and hopefully you will feel invigorated. Go on give another try and remember your Mother's words (all Mums!) When you fall, you get up, dust yourself off and begin again. Good luck and can't wait to see your Graduation badge proudly pinned to your name next week!! :)

  • Sorry to hear about your fall, but, hey, these things happen, so dust yourself down and put it down to experience.

    I TOTALLY agree about the first 10 mins - I hate them, then I love the rest of my run. I experimented with having a little walk break after 5 mins to see if that helped, and sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't - I guess it just depended on what kind of day I was having. I also tried a longer warm up walk, but that didn't seem to make much difference either. I try to start REALLY slowly and build up pace after the first few minutes have passed.

    Keep going - you're nearly there now, and then you can run however you please. Lots of people do run/walk intervals. I did that this morning (2 mins run 30 sec walks) and it was hard work, but it just mixes things up a bit and stops it getting boring.

  • Thanks Potty. Its great to hear from fellow runners. I will get there Im sure. I must! Yes the final minute is always the best, and I sometimes feel like I can run even further. Thanks again.

  • You've done so well to get this far, don't give up now. I graduated last week and I had a couple of weeks were I felt like packing in, I'm so glad I didn't.

    I always find the first 5 minutes tough, just try slow it down a little then you should have more in the tank for further on in the run.

    Sorry to hear you fell, hope you're ok.

    We all have bad runs but you can do this! :)

  • Thanks so much to everyone for your encouragement and kind good wishes. You've really helped a lot. Yes I think falling head long alongside the main road hurt both me and my pride and it was a struggle to get home but I don't really give in easily, so I know I will give it another go. And as you all say, we all have bad days. Another change of route is in order I think and to try and take it more slowly to begin with and build it up. Thanks again. The only way is up! :-)

  • I always find the fist 5 - 10 minutes the hardest. I could easily just stop and walk but i have to concentrate on keeping going then after that I don't find it too bad, although I om only on wk7. I agree with the point of a different route may help because I seem to remember from the route where I start to feel tired. It is worth a try. You are SO near to GRADUATION so keep going. We are all here willing you on. This is a great site for anything you need to ask, we are like a big family. Good luck.

  • Take the first ten minutes really slowly and then speed up if you can. This way your breathing should not be too much like hard work. I always find my warm up walk very difficult and breaking into a run is a blessed relief, which makes me glad that I can run. You are doing great. Good luck.

  • Me too. The first 10 mins can be tough. I especially struggle because my route loops very close to my house at this stage - the gremlins are saying "you're home now - may as well stop here".

    I think it's the brain's fight or flight mode kicking in.

    I hope you didn't seriously injure yourself when you fell - i've nearly gone a cropper on the uneven pavements around me.

    Good luck for your race for life. My advice (I did one a few years ago) is don't sprint off from the start line (despite what everyone else is doing). Start off slow - you know your pace. You will find that after a km or so, you are overtaking these fast starters who have burned out.

    Keep going you're so close to graduation now!

  • Thanks for the advice Sarah. I guess it must be tempting to go along with everybody else's pace at the start. I must remember thanks. My injuries aren't that bad thanks. Hands, elbow and knee which is the worst off. I just hope that after having a break for a few days that I will get back into it. I really want to do well. Its been great having all the support from everybody. Its what I needed and its much appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Yes, legs tied in a knot for the first few minutes..

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