Wk7 and struggling!

I'm on week 7 and have been fine with all the running tasks until now. I'm getting slower not faster and finding it so hard now due to having to run a full 25 mins! I feel like I've reached something that's blocking me! Will this pass and I will get quicker? I'm dreading my next run as it will be my wk7r3 run - argh my poor legs are going to fall off :-(


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14 Replies

  • I am only on W4 so I am probably not experienced enough to advise. You just sound so cheesed off and all I can say is perhaps an extra day off may help. I had to have an extra day off last time out and was dreading the running which I then found far less onerous once I got out. Forget about being quicker - just concentrate on completing the session. Your legs won't drop off - promise! Hope you feel better about it all very soon! IT'S ALL IN THE MIND!

  • I had an extra day off or two somewhere around weeks 7 and 8 - I think the distance build up is fairly fast, and the legs really start to feel it! Especially if you're worrying about pace. Maybe forget the pace, you can mess around with that after you've graduated, just focus on keeping going slow and steady until week 9 run 3. :)

  • Thanks I think I am cheesed off! ha ha I'm having a day off tonight but I feel like I'm cheating myself by not running tonight.

  • I've just had four days no running between w6r3 and todays run of w7r1! My body just felt soo tired and the weather has been bad, although I think i was just trying to think up any excuses for not going because I was scared incase i couldn't run the full 25mins! But I'm soo glad I had extra rest days, I think I definitely needed them. Although I'm a couple of runs behind you, I'd advise having extra rest days as it really really helped me!

    And after all the running as much of the programme as we have, I think we're entitled to extra rest days without feeling guilty!

    Good Luck!!

  • That's the run I have to do too. I find it's the getting out that can be the main problem. Today is hot, 19 deg, so I'm not keen.

  • I hit a block at 6 weeks, so about the same time. I think it does take it out on you as you build up the running, I've had injuries each time I've reached the last bit of the programme and I think it is trying to keep on with the running because the goal of week 9 and 30 mins feels so close which has caused the injuries. I think a break is a good idea, do the next run feeling refreshed. It gets a bit addictive doesn't it and that makes it hard to have a break! I've learnt that sometimes you have good runs and sometimes really bad runs, the main thing is to keep at it because the next good run will make you feel fantastic. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do it.

  • We're really slow too - just begun week8- nearly got overtaken by old bloke walking but don't care. Speed is going to improve eventually. Just think how far you've come! I bet if you did week 1 now you'd be loads faster than when you first did it!

  • I did W7R2 today and felt the same as you describe. I kept going by telling myself it's not going to get any easier unless I keep going out there and get the kms under my belt (as Laura advises in the podcast).

    I'm hoping it's just a block and will get easier. Think about how far you've got since W1 (or even W4) and hopefully the same progress will happen in the next few weeks and running for 30 mins will suddenly seem straightforward.

    Good luck with your next run - it'll be worth it in the end!

  • Thanks everyone! I tried to rest but then at half 8:30pm I gave in and had to try again! So I jumped back on the treadmill! I've just got to keep going and hopefully it will get easier. ??

  • I just did run 3 of week 7 and I'm feeling similar to you. Run 1 was great, run 2 was awful and today was ok. Looking at my stats I seem to have slowed down these last two runs.

    I really think it's all in the mind. I am over thinking my runs and therefore not really enjoying myself like I had been in the past. I do think though that we're getting out there and doing it so we should be proud of ourselves!

    Here's to the next run!

  • Yep I agree. When I've read some other peoples blogs that have graduated they have said its a roller coaster and they seem to be right. Run 1 - Awful, Run2 - bad and then Run 3 was ok. I suppose its bound to be a shock to the system no longer having any breaks to walk but I'm pleased I keep going. I am enjoying it so much and its not like me to stick to any exercise regime - I've always lost interest before! I'm looking forward to be a proper runner :-)

    So as you say heres to the next run :-)

  • I'm on W9 and had exactly the same thing happen around WK7. Really enjoyed the first run and then set out for the second one and really struggled. I wanted to stop at about 7 minutes in and was finding it so hard to breath and my legs were aching so much but carried on and eventually I got into a rhythm about 12 minutes in and it felt OK. It still wasn't enjoyable though and it really put me off going for the next one too but I think having an extra rest day will help.

    I also think some days are just like that perhaps. WK7 R3 was better but still not as easy as the first. I've had the same thing happen in WK9, the first one was easy and I really struggled through the second. I hope the third one is better. Perhaps that's the way the plan goes? Easy first, not so easy second and then OK third.

    Good luck with the next one anyway, I'm sure it will be much better than the last one :)

  • I'm struggling too with week 7, been the hardest for me so far. But the thing is if was easy to run, none of us would need this podcast. Wev just got to keep pushing and when we are done and all this is over, we will know we have earned that badge. I think its a lot down to the highs we've had over the past 7 weeks with the runs being different and now we are like Laura says getting used to the new routine of no breaks. Well done on nearly conquering week 7. Im the same as you 1 more to do this week. Feeling it on the legs too. Good luck for your next one. Nearly there :-)

  • I didn't complete run 3 in week 7 and was a bit worried that I wasn't up to running 25 mins regularly.

    I had almost a week off due to a camping trip and found running 28 mins when I got back was fine. I was trying to run every other day - have decided to go back to 3 runs a week so that I get 2 rest days (Mon and Tues) in the week. I think it's plain that at this stage I need that extra rest day. As I get fitter, hopefully I can run every other day. Have also realised that some days you just have awful runs. Seems to be a mental thing, rather than physical.

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