Am struggling at present

Hello all

I have been doing really well the past few weeks but the last 2 runs have been a real struggle. I seem to have hit a brick wall. I was running 7k+ twice a week but cant go any further. Then went out saturday and couldn't quite make 5k. My run this morning also seemed a bit hard work. But I did manage 5.64k. So how do I get over this brick wall thing. Im doing a 10k in April so need to push forward


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  • Perhaps you need to do some shorter runs to mix things up a bit. Change your route to refresh yourself. I love a change of scenery, it sort of livens me up. Are you having your rest days between runs? Make sure you do if you're not already doing so

  • I was wondering about changing my route and whether it would workor not. Thats what I will do and hopefully I might help. I do leave a day or two between my runs as laura said it was important. Need to be doing this. I am also moving in the next couple of months so that probably isnt helping eithee. Thank you for your advice.

  • Hi Snats. I had exactly the same problem but I couldn't get beyond 5k. Used to wait for the Garmin to get to that distance & just stop! I've got over it by following a Bridge to 10k program whereby the runs are broken down into segments with 1 minute walking breaks in between. First week was 4 x 10 minute runs with 1 minute breaks, followed by 3 x 15 minutes, 3 x 17 minutes, 3 x 18 minutes, then week 5 is 2 x 22 minutes, 2 x 25 minutes & 2 x 30 minutes. Week 6 is then running for a full 60 minutes non-stop which should bring you nearer to 10k. You can download this app. Think it's by Bluefin?? Me being tight just printed it out, used my own music & Garmin for the timings. Had to write the timings on the back of my hand after week 1 as my Garmin can only do 10 minute intervals but you will be so surprised at the difference it makes having just 1 minute to catch your breathe. I never bothered to complete the program as I managed to get to 10k in week 4. Has also made a difference to my pace in terms of speed. Ran my fastest 5k today in 28:56 & managed non-stop 10k last week in 62 minutes. Snats, you can do it easily. It's all about getting over that mental hurdle. Good luck, you'll be fine. Claire. X

  • Thank you for your help and advice.I have downloaded that app as it was free but thought it might be a step backwards. Maybe I'll try it for my next couple of runs and see how that helps. Thanks again x

  • Mix your runs up. Try some hill work and some interval training too. That helped me progress from 5K up to 10K in no time at all. I did a longer third run of the week and it was more interesting too. Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Thank you for your advice. It does seem that I am not the only one that gets this. So will do some mixing up and hopefully will be fine in time for my 10k

  • Building up your distance on just one run per week might be the better way of doing it, Snats. I do (theoretically, although weather has intervened) two 5k runs each week and then a longer run at the weekend. By slowly increasing the duration of this long run I got up to 16k (10miles) and was not tired out by trying to do those longer distances with every run. As you know it is a psychological thing, so structure is helpful to aiding motivation, so Claire's suggestion of Bridge to 10k will probably help with getting you up to 10k. You know you can do it. Good luck.

  • Thank you for that advise. I was starting to wonder if I was pushing myself too much too fast. Will take a step back and enjoy the mixing it up.

  • I was feeling in a bit of a funk recently too, felt like I wasn't getting faster or better. I took some advice to mix it up and when i went to visit some family this past weekend I took my running gear and went for a run on sunday morning.

    I donn't know the area at all but i found it such a fun and absorbing way to explore, it was probably the easiest 5k I have done! Maybe try running in some new places? I didn't realise how used to my usual route I had got.

    On a separate note I have also downloaded 'speed' for a shorter more intense run - I did the first one last week and it almost killed me, but it was good to feel a new challenge....

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for your advise. It does seem a new area is the way forward. Im not sure about the speed podcast but I will guve it a go if I cant get it back.

  • The Speed podcast is hard! It seems slow at first but it gets harder.

    You could have a go at bridge to 10k podcast available from on here , with sami murphy, which is quite a challenge

  • Thanks I am definitely going to give the bridging to 10k a go. Lets see if that helps.

  • ~The +C25k podcasts, still with Laura are fab. They will push you that little bit harder. You can download them from this site. Three of them - Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed

    Also, I'm going to try some Fartlek runs where you run fast for 60 seconds, say the distance between two lamposts. Just to mix things up a bit and get fitter

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