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I,m back if thats ok

moved up to bridge to 10 k but still looked in here quite often .

there is much more going on here .

So have decided to post here as the support is second to none .

I have started my own version on bridge to 10k .

which i have posted there if anyone is interested but i miss posting here with all the help and support given

my plan is set for 21 runs over 7 weeks and is just a guide its not cast in concrete but if i can follow it i will but am open to changes if needs must.

Run 3 of 21 and some un planned extra mins

Went on a different route did think different things to see different people to nod to hardly saw a sole but some nice river views and a few animals and birds to see .

All started very well and was surprised the first 15 mins went quite quickly with no Gremlins after he first couple of mins .

Got to twenty minuets then decided to turn around then old age set in was i supposed to run for 30 mins or 40 mins .

The Gremlins then chirped in and said surely it must be 30 mins,

I had done 30 mins Thursday so it had to be more and i know that most weeks i will add 5 ins to the longer run and i all so knew 1 run was 10 mins longer so i thought ok lets go for 40 mins,

By the time i got to 35 mins was looking at the stop watch on my wrist which is supposed to illuminate when i twist my wrist to look at the time which it normally does .

but today i had to push the button to illuminate it and did not realized that it all so stopped it so when 2 mins later i pressed it again it had only moved a few seconds i thought i must have miss read it until it happened again .this time it was at 39 mins and when i looked again a few mins later it had stopped again. So i did .

when i got home and checked the app as it records runs automatically when it senses the person is running (did not think i moved that fast )

well it said i had run for 46 mins and to add insult to injury i was only supposed to run for 35 mins .

So i'll take that as win win over the odds and the Gremlins (and temperamental watches)

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Welcome back! I was just posting yesterday about how new graduates start drifting away from this forum but yet aren't ready for bridge to 10k and how great it would be if there was a 'graduate to bridge' forum where we could provide moral support and consolidation advice and voice our frustrations etc without putting off the undergrads. There seems to be a bit of a gap here and I can imagine many new grads start losing motivation and direction.

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I'd agree with you there as I don't feel 'professional' enough to post on bridge to 10k as I'm running three times a week but am no way ready to start towards 10k. It would be good to have a post grad forum to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly runs I do.


I think it's fine as it is, I'm sure post-grad chat gives undergrads ;-) something to aim for beyond C25K and we can chip in and help them with the programme.


Whilst It's fantastically motivating for under grads when post grads have positive tales to report on the C25k forum and can offer advice and support, however I'm more thinking about the support that wobbly early post grads still very much still need to voice (...without unwittingly demotivating undergrads).

Anyway! It's not likely to happen so just imo :)

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I agree. This is the forum that has provided so much support for me. I like reading about people along every step of the way. While I pop in the other forums, this is where my heart resides, this is where I post.

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