Laura-Pod+, Confusion but I eventually beat those gremlins!

Post-graduation I am mixing up my running. I’ve been very much enjoying this approach. Part of that mix is the 5k+ podcasts. I thought I had completed each one of these at least once which had surprised me previously as I had intended to leave the Stamina pod a while because it looked more difficult.

So this morning off I set, aiming to do Stepping Stones again. It had been a bit of a fight with the gremlins who didn’t want me to go, in your face gremlins, I’m out, I BEAT YOU!

I set off listening to the podcast. Thought to myself…….mmmmm you’ve selected the wrong version, I wanted the intro too, but no matter, I continued.

My goodness was it hard! After 10 mins running at the pace Laura wanted I thought ‘what is going on, I’ve done this before and managed to complete’. After the next 10 mins at an increased pace I was ready to give in. I carried on at that same increased pace for a further 5 mins, Laura said ‘just 5 more minutes at this pace’. WHAT DID YOU SAY LAURA? ……. you have got to be joking, that is not going to happen. So I walked those five minutes, my cool down walk, and turned off my phone.

I was so disappointed with myself! Those pesky Gremlins were celebrating : ‘there you go Jacs, , we knew you couldn’t sustain your previous achievements, you are not really a runner, WE WIN!’.

I was forlorn! I slumped into the chair at the kitchen table, looked at Mr W and told him I couldn’t run after all.

THEN: I switched on my phone to do my post run debrief……..bit of a habit I have. JOY OH JOY I noticed that by mistake I had run to the Stamina podcast NOT the planned Stepping Stones! Stamina increases the pace significantly to tha on Stepping Stone, which is why originally I had intended to leave it well alone for a while. And of course I haven’t done this run previously after all…… me, I would definitely have known!!

Then the dawning.........OK Gremlins, I WIN! I ran 25 minutes at a pace I have never done before! I had run my fastest ever 3k, yippee!!!!!!!

Im still slow but I CAN run faster after all. Now I just need to be able to run faster for longer.

Sub 45minute 5k beckoning before Christmas I think!


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13 Replies

  • Brilliant! Well done !

  • thank you, i was so relieved !

  • Oooops... and hooray!!!! Well done you ! Brilliant... You did win..pesky Gremlins, who do they think they are.. I love Stamina..such fun and you did it!

    You are flying...keep it up, but take things, still at the pace that suits you.. you know now, that you can do this... the running path leads on :)

  • Thank you Oldfloss , those gremins have been working especially hard this week, but i got out there so I'm happy👍🏼

  • Well done... they never give up, but then neither do we :)

  • I still dont see your graduate10 badge Floss, it would look great up there next to your name😀

  • It is there, on the Bridge to 10 K forum, where I also post....they do not show on this forum.. :)

    Have you joined the Bridge to 10K forum yet? i looked for you...:)

  • I have joined Bto10 but not posting there just yet, i will eventually😀

  • Do, post.... it is so helpful..the advice on there as we move on is so helpful. I was very nervous when I joined them..( Going up to the Big School)...but they are great. many of us are on here too,as we have so many friends on here..:)

    The encouragement is fantastic... I asked so many silly questions and no-one ever laughed... just kept right on supporting me right up the my wonderful Runniversary yesterday! :)

    I will be watching for you x You could sit by me ...:)

  • That is an invitation i cannot turn down. It will be a great honour to sit at your table👍🏼

  • Brilliant..see you on the school yard...!

  • Fab! You showed those gremlins where to go 💪

  • Well done jacsw. Yes Stamina is a toughie.. I have only done it 3 times, I prefer stepping stones. The music on the Stamina podcast is good though..sort of drives you on.

    Brilliant run, well done you.😊

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