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W9R3 - but C23K :(


Never thought in late January that I could jog for 30 mins non-stop.....but I've done it! My pace is slower than a wet week: I cover 3k in 30 mins, so technically I've crawled from couch to 3k, but that's an achievement for me.

What helped? Custom-fit insoles (stopped my knees niggling) running to classical music, running gear (rather than a baggy tracksuit), a water bottle, finding this forum.

What didn't help? Running on a treadmill - I started outdoors on holidays (in the sunshine) but came home to dark evenings and dismal weather, so switched to the treadmill because it's always available. But it's SO boring! I stuck it out (partly because I tried a session outdoors around W5/6 and nearly collapsed) but my next plan is to go back to W5 and start outdoors. I need more mental stimulation!

I didn't really need the HRM I bought, but it did serve as a prop to get me through a run, as the mental gremlins really tortured me.

How do I feel? Relieved rather than exhilarated: I found W9 very difficult (even though I ran 30 mins twice in W8 when I was only supposed to do 28 mins.) I'm blaming being really busy at work (which is quite physical - I come home exhausted ever before I go for a run) and I wonder if I had done the programme when work is quieter would I have gotten on better?

Anyway, thanks for all the support here: the only thing that got me through W9R3 was the thought of being able to come on here and say I DID IT!!!

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Congratulations! It's a terrific achievement. :)

Once you've done the time then the speed will come later (hm, that sounds like prison dialogue!). And if you can conquer the treadmill, then running outside, especially in the warmer weather, will be so much better. Harder sometimes as it has a habit of throwing unexpected obstacles and inclines at you, but SO much more interesting and exhilarating.


If you can get to run outside I'm sure you will enjoy it more now the weather is on the turn. As Landesman says it's very different to the treadmill and there is more mental stimulation to keep you going. You must also have gained fitness while doing this so it should help with the physical aspects of your work too - bonus (and a another reason to keep going).

Don't forget to request your Grad Badge from Admin - a shiny green badge at the side of your name will look just right :-)


Well done you should be really proud. Speed does not matter as you do more 30minite runs you will find it improving, it's a great achievement! xx


Hey! Don't knock the time! You have just run for 30 mins....nonstop, that is fantastic! :) Congratulations!!

For anyone to start this in the depth of winter is no mean feat, hats off to you for persevering and finishing! Do try and get out there and run in nice weather though, it will make all the difference to not only your run but your mental attitude too. Enjoy!



Well done! :-) :-) :-)

I hope you had the final to Rossini's William Tell Ouverture, Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumble-Bee or Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries (beat a bit slower) playing as you passed that finishing line!

Try and get outside and don't worry about the time... so many of us graduates barely go faster than a mere jog! Stamina's the thing: 30 minutes of running. The next goal will be 5K (within 30 minutes or otherwise)... another chance for you to write a celebratory blog.


You did it! I think most people don't manage 5k in 30 mins when they graduate. 30 mins running is a massive achievement going from not being a runner at all.


Brilliant! You did it, and that's the main thing. Running 30 minutes non-stop is a terrific achievement in itself. Keep running!!


Congratulations! That's one amazing achievement and you should feel so proud. That graduate badge is gonna look fab :D

Currently at week 6 and have calculated that it will take me 45 minutes to do 5K at my current speed if I was to run the whole distance. Trying to up speed a bit, but not to bothered about it at the moment. It does come with time and determination!


Congratulations sanndila well done. :)


Congratulations! It takes a lot of determination to keep going right through the programme for anyone, but maybe even more so for slower runners. I know I kept questioning myself, whether it was worth running when I could walk almost as fast - but it *is* worth it! It is such an achievement, to keep running for a continuous 30 minutes.



Congratulations on your graduation! Don't worry about the distance and speed thing - you can work on that later, if you want to. Meanwhile, you can run for 30 minutes at a time, which is amazing :)

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