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Where did you learn about C25K?

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Now I have graduated, I am interested in knowing how you found out about the programme to begin with.

I learned by joining a running group on Linkedin and someone mentioned Couch 2 5K. I looked it up and downloaded an app, but I learned that only Week 1 was free and I had to pay for the rest of it - sod that!

I did my own independent research and learned about the NHS podcasts and started using them once I downloaded them onto my iPod.

I did Week 1 but using a watch to time myself, the rest I listened to Laura.

How did you guys learn about it?

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I learned about it from a lady at my WW class. I did it and I passed on the baton to another member who has now successfully completed it and is well on her way to 10k.

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WannaberoadrunnerGraduate in reply to misswobble

That must feel amazing to know you've helped someone else.

I found it by deciding one day I needed to get fitter and knowing that running is a good catalyst for many things went on line and found this forum which sung the praises of C25K so thought I would give it a go and completed the 5k and on Saturday I did my first 10K.

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I read an article in a news stream about someone recommending that the way to begin running was to alternate 1 minutes runs and walks etc. Having been meaning to do something about getting fit I thought it sounded achievable. I searched for an app or something that would help me time the intervals and stumbled across NHS C25K app and thought it sounded perfect for what I wanted and it is. Found the forum later.

From a friend who had completed and still runs 3 times a week. I put it off for ages though

I'm telling everyone and anyone who will listen (often several times)!!

A friend of mine told me about c25k, she kept it quiet for a year and then casually said 'I can run 14miles now' and she was just not into running, or so we both thought!! That totally inspired me to get up and try!

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I remember it being on breakfast tv a long time ago, when they did one of the regular reports on the state of the country's health. Several friends have done it over the last couple of years, and I started because my friend suggested it after I did the Race For Life in May. The rest is history! 😀

The instructor at my Rosemary Conley class mentioned that it was good.

I didn't think I would be able to run, I had tried jogging before and hated it. I was ready to give it a go, then got a nasty throat infection. So months later my hubby and I downloaded the podcasts and started c25k together (with Laura), straight after he finished work.

I didnt find this forum though til on Week 8, and have found it very inspiring and supportive.😊

I saw two crafty friends at a scrapbook day and they had both done C25K but were not sporty before. They now weekly do parkrun- they were so enthusiastic about it, so I downloaded the NHS app 😁

Can't remember exactly but think I saw a promotional piece on the BBC during the lead up to last year's Olympics. So glad I found Laura, she quickly became my New Best Friend and I miss her (but not her music!) now I've graduated.

I learnt about this programme by joining this website when I was at a real low in my life after suffering my 3rd out of 6 brain injuries, a dr told me after my 1st BI that I'd stop walking before my 20th birthday I'm now 25, I found this group and thought I'd prove doctor's wrong and actually started the programme to do just that but the more I did the runs each week the more I realised I was starting to enjoy these runs and do them for myself rather than the dr's and I haven't looked back since then, have been hospitalised a couple of times because of severe migraines when one they thought I was having a stroke and I still ran at parkrun the following saturday was in hospital tuesday night, the other time was a saturday night and got home for midnight and didn't want to miss the bolton10k that I had signed up for so completed that by doing a run/walk in 1 hour 28 minutes and around 56 seconds the following day :)

It has been one of the best things I have done in my life and it has opened up soo many doors since I started as well as gaining in confidence and self-esteem :)

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Morning! My osteopath recommended it to me.

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I went for a swim at the local reservoir. That Thursday evening, there was a queue out of the door then a 3/4 hour wait to get in the water (max. 60 allowed in at a time!). So during the wait I got talking to people. Most are triathletes and one girl was having problems with the swim portion and had just had a lessons. I said that I couldn't run but there weren't running lessons. She recommended C25K and another girl said she had done it and she had found it very good.

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A friend told me about it when we were celebrating my 50th birthday. I said to my husband, let's have a go at that after I've finished all the birthday shenanigans. So we did. I'm 54 this year and still running.

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