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About to start C25K - advice appreciated


I'm going to start the C25K today and was just looking for a couple of pointers. I was at least 6 stone overweight about 18 months ago and changed my eating habits and started cycling. I've lost about 4 1/2 stone but am now looking to shift the rest. I've some underlying health issues and one of them is Gout. I have this all the time but it is reasonably well controlled with daily medication. I've been reading posts on here about overweight people (I'm including myself there) starting C25K and suffering from things like shin splints. Apart from recently starting cycling I've done NO exercise since school, i'm now 47. I normally cycle at least 100 miles per week and was wondering if this might save me from Shin Splints? I would say my legs are quite muscular it's the rest of me that's a shambles!! I was also wondering what shoes i should wear for best cushioning. I don't have a local sports shop so will be buying online. Sorry for the long post but I'm wanting to try and make this a success and don't want to get off to a bad start. Thanks in anticipation

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Hi you have done so well, massive weight loss and all that cycling .you sound so focused. I am new to running and had my gait analysed however I read around it and noticed the advice that if you are buying on line to look at a wet footprint and compare your foot print to pictures available on the net to check your pronation. The sites also recommended that heavier people need cushioned soles ( I'm not suggesting you are heavy , but I am ! ) there was also a big suggest to invest in running socks that are twin skinned and will wick sweat away from feet to reduce he chance of blisters

So if I was buying on line I would order a couple of pairs and send back the ones I didn't want

Don't forget I am new to running , and I am certain many people will know much more than me about these things, but this is certainly a great site for advice and support.

Happy running

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Mollydex

Well done on the weight loss and embarking on this programme, which is fantastic 😊

I went to my nearest Sportsdirect and bought a pair of karrimor tempo, a half size bigger than usual to allow for foot swell. Gait analysis in your nearest big town or city would be a worthwhile trip for you one day if you could manage it as you would find out about your foot pronation. No matter for now though, just get running shoes, not just general trainers

I was very overweight, had gout and was nearly 57 when I started c25k, never having run at all. I lost 3 st 7.5 lbs at slimming club and a further stone since taking up the programme. I stopped drinking alcohol, which I blamed the gout on, and I also gave up fruit juices as they seemed to cause flare ups and I got terrible pain in my fingers and big toe. I now take nothing more than an omega 3 fish oil capsule everyday. If I forget to take it the pain in my big toe starts 😊

I had a shockING case of shin splints because I did too much too soon. I got a bike to help build up my legs and thd physio exercises were great. The cycling should help enormously. You could take up swimming and you'-ll soon be a triathlete ☺

The only thing to do is listen to the podcasts or app, follow along, and 9 weeks will fly by. You have to take it slow though! Slow but sure ☺

Lochie68 in reply to Mollydex

Thanks for that, I've actually got a new pair of Cross Trainers that I bought with the intention to use them for walking but I've had a look at them and they say they are meant for running on non smooth surfaces so I'll give them a try. Lol think I can sit quite happily in the overweight category with you. Even now my BMI is 26 point something but the doctors have said not to worry about that with my other health issues so i'm going with that :-) My target is to just scrape into "normal" BMI. I'm never going to be skinny!! I've got cycling socks which sound quite like the running socks so might give them a try. I'm hoping with the amount muscle I've got in my legs with the cycling it won't be as bad as starting completely from scratch.

Not so sure about the happy running but I'm going to give it a try and hope it doesn't affect the other things too much.

Lochie68 in reply to Mollydex

missswobble Hi, my Gout is ok at the moment I'm just hoping this won't aggravate it. I don't drink because of other reasons but the one that has intrigued me is the Omega 3. My rheumatologist told me NOT to take this. Now I don't know if this is because of the other issues/medication or type of Gout (if there are different types) but said it would make it worse.

I'm newer to this than you are so as far as I'm concerned you're a Pro and any advice is appreciated.



Welcome to the group. Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss, you're an inspiration!

I'm definitely no expert in running, but very overweight and just about to start wk5 tomorrow. I also changed my eating habits when I started C25K. I am loving doing this program and I would recommend more miles socks and proper running shoes x

Touch wood I haven't suffered any problems yet, slow and steady is the rule of thumb here.

I'm sure experienced runners and mentors will be along shortly :)

Hi Slinkyminky, well done on reaching wk5, that's great. My target at the moment is wk1r2 lol. I've never thought this running lark was for me I'm just hoping that's just in my head. I'm in no rush so I'll go with your slow and steady approach, probably more slow than steady right enough. Just looking out of the window at the glorious sunshine and hoping it's not too hot for my first run. Was out on my bike last night and had to pack it in after about 25 miles because it was too hot.

90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Lochie68

Hi and welcome, Lochie68 .

I won't give you specific advice, but you've clearly got a great attitude towards improving your health.

I, and lots of others here used to hate running, but we've given it a go, and IMHO it's great.

I found the first run to be a shock to the system- just take it nice and slow, and you'll surprise yourself.

The cardio fitness from cycling will be a great help.

All the best! :)

Bexd12 in reply to Lochie68

I'm sure everyone on here will agree, they never thought they were 'runners' and never thought they'd make it past week 1. I was in the same boat, I'm not massively overweight, I am/was massively unfit though and struggled. I cycle to and from work (Only about 2 miles a day) but I do find cycling each day has improved my leg strength so I imagine it's done wonders for yours. Just remember to take it slow, you can get the speed/distance later on in the program :) drink plenty of water throughout the day, I do that so I don't have to take water with me as it's just another thing to carry!


I'm still pretty new to all this running malarkey but as a very overweight *cough* 9 stone *cough* but haven't suffered too badly apart from a little knee pain from an injury I had a few years ago. I did the wet foot print test I found on the sweaty Betty trainer guide. I'm sure other sports n running online stores will have a similar guide. Once I finish c25k n am running further distances I will definitely go get my gait analysed to get super comfy running shoes I have my eye on a very nice pair of Asics.

Make sure u get well cushioned shoes To absorb impact when running. I also think that the fact I run incredible slow has helped to avoid shin splints n other injuries. Running socks have helped too n making sure to do the rest days n plenty of stretching after each run to avoid the muscles seizing up. But u sound a lot more knowledgable about exercise in general than I am.

Lochie68 in reply to Shelliemac

Well that's the first one done!! Followed Laura and found it not to be as awful as I thought. Because I had no idea about timing or anything I just kept going until the podcast stopped. I was about two and a quarter miles from the house and 27/28 minutes so have no idea what that really means as I've nothing to compare it too. Anyway started the brisk 5 minute walk on the turnaround after the last run. Was back home in 1.02 so went out 5 minutes quicker when running than I came back only walking. On to number two on Wednesday. Thanks for the advice and support.😊

90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Lochie68

Nice one! I know we're all different sizes/levels of health. I'm just about to do wk 7 after never running for nearly 30 years. I honestly thought that the first run was the hardest.

One more pearl of wisdom- don't bother looking ahead to details of the future podcasts- Laura will tell you what to do, and she breaks it down into small, simple sections.

I know human nature means you'll be poring over 'em now. But don't, just download 'em. :)


Welcome to the board Lochie and Well done on taking up this fantastic challenge !

You have done so well with your weight loss, very impressive . If you've got the mental strength and determination to lose that weight, this should be perfect for you.

Keep at it, keep posting on here as it will really help in keeping you focused and motivated . Lovely bunch of folk on here, all ages and abilities and lots of helpful advice , support and encouragement .

Well done on WK1 Run 1, don't forget your cool down stretches and rest days are really important .

Good Luck and good to have you on board ! :-) xxx


Your cycling work is great.

All the excellent basic advise is available.

I suffer with pseudo gout.I intend to complete the C25k programme.

I have used the NHS One You website and their active 10 app and now C25k.

To keep me injury free I looked at the programme, the arithmetic showed me the following, from wk1 to wk 9, improvement required, 3%,3%,3%3% 55% 9%9%9%9%.So you have to take it slow and get past the middle step.

I have not looked at other 5k programmes.There are many.

But the NHS One You is good and I do not doubt the C25k.

Go for it if you want.The Rowing machine burns more calories,cross trainer easier on joints, static bike and your own bike.

Lovely to be able to run and the more weight you shed the easier on your body and joints.

Good luck.

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