I just did c25k! (Now what?)

It was with sheer jubilation that I emerged from the gym 30 minutes ago because I had just finished the run 3 of week 9 which, dear forummers, is largely down to the support given on here! I had no idea I'd be able to run more than 1.5 minutes when I started. Also, this week, I finally started to see some physical changes and the clothes are getting looser at last!

First things first: how do I get this hard-earned graduation badge?

Secondly, what do I do next? I thought of doing 5k2c and doing it all backwards 😁. I'm not up for running longer than 30mins and I'm not hugely bothered about the hallowed 5k (which is fortunate because I only clock up about 3.3km in 30mins). So... I thought I would do the following 3 workouts each week :

1. 30min run as per week 9

2. Back to week 1 but try outside (although this may not be practical so I could add an incline and work on speed in the gym instead)

3. Something different - I was looking at a couple of cycling programmes, has anyone tried them? Or maybe something different each week (a class, swimming, etc).

Any thoughts?


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17 Replies

  • Here's a nice little plan:

    One day a shorter run, say 20 minutes, with fast bits (run fast to the next tree etc) (called fartlek or speed play in Swedish)

    One day a 30 min run

    One day extend your run gradually until you can run 5k.

    5k is fun because you can enter races and get bling :-)

    Or I've been breaking up my runs with squats, skips, lunges and stretching-- maybe that is something you'd like?

  • Bling-motivation! Love it!

    Great ideas thank you, although my legs are going through some issues at the moment so I think I'd better stick at 30mins - definitely going to work on that speed now though - I'm a total snail 🐌

  • Whoop de whoop! Well done! I am in your crew as I finished this week as well.

    So I went for my first post-C25K-run today and wasn’t really sure what to do or where to start. It was the first without Sarah Millican so I put a 30 minute timer on my phone and ran. It was hard. I think mainly because I decided to up my pace for a 5 minute section and it wasn’t the right thing to do for me. So I struggled with the rest of the time.

    I have got my way through this by being a very slow slow runner and I am cross with myself that my first run out after graduating I try to up my speed. Someone told me the other day the name of the game here is to consolidate. So that’s what I’m going to do. Consolidate my slooooow runs for a week or two then I’m starting on 5K to 10K. As far as I’m concerned as long as I’m getting out three times a week I’m doing alright 🏃🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️

    Well done to you for finishing though. Enjoy it. It’s an amazing achievement. 🤗

  • Definitely feeling a bit invincible now! My legs, on the other hand, do not.

    Yes, I think slow and steady is going to be best - got to just keep building the strength and stamina: maybe one day I won't get to 11mins and think "oh god, maybe I'll cal this one a practice run" (and then for every 3 minutes after!).

  • Have you thought about joining a Parkrun? I know they are 5k but you don’t have to run it all and you will be in good company walking over the finish line! By doing that you could gradually increase your time spent running.

  • Thanks Sara104 , I did a Parkrun a few weeks ago and I do intend to have another go but I've got some dodgy calf issues I'm having investigated at the moment and running (and walking!) outside doesn't agree with my legs at the moment (my other posts go into more boring details). If I need an op, it might help get things sorted and I can get going on that as I still feel a tiny bit fraudulent that I've done everything on the treadmill (which I know is a silly thought).

  • Poor you. I don’t think you should feel fraudulent at all using a treadmill. I hope you soon get your calf issues sorted

  • Well done! carry on running! consolidate 30min runs for now, then there's good motivation with Parkrun and maybe join a local running club.. then there's virtualrunneruk.com. for bling🏆and in time maybe 5k or 10k races for more bling!🏆😊

  • Thanks! The thought of running with others gives me the willies though - I hate it when someone rocks up on the treadmill next to me - ESPECIALLY if they do not have earphones (the thought of others hearing me out of breath freaks me out!). I think I need to work on getting over these fears next :)

  • Consolidation.... 30 minute runs.. lots of the,... varying route and distances:) C25K+ podcasts.. to carry on the disciplines in the running.. and then maybe moving onto 10K plans :)

    Well done.. and congratulations!

  • Thanks Oldfloss - and thanks for the many motivational messages that helped me get here!

  • I'm with davelinks and Oldfloss : consolidation, consolidation, consolidation. Run 30 minutes, 3 times per week until you can do it in your sleep and it just becomes natural. Since you'll get bored with this quite quickly, run those 30 minutes a mixture of in the gym, outdoors (in a variety of settings - the park, along a river, round a street-lit estate in the evening, early morning...) just experiment and see what is best for you. Just don't try anything heroic - no sudden 5km run, or 45 minute run, of very fast run. Just easy does it.

  • I think a sudden 5km run is totally out of the question :) I like your variety suggestions though - thanks.

  • Fantastic achievement well done you and enjoy your place on the podium 🥇👏

  • wahey congratulations! I see you've ordered your badge :D Can't add anything better to the suggestions, I've just tried to keep the habit and run 2-3 times a week, not pushing for anything either speed or distance-wise yet...

    I would encourage you to try outdoors if you can :D plus does your comment about other exercises suggest you haven't done much other stuff? I know I don't do nearly enough core strength and flexibility stuff, just some yoga and not often enough...! So add in something else if you haven't already :)

  • I usually do yoga on my 'days off' and I have done other stuff but I really like the programme approach - it keeps me motivated to a) keep going and b) to push myself a bit more than I would otherwise. I am keen to get on my bike as I've never really felt very confident at cycling.

  • Congratulations to you!!

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