How many weeks did it take you to do C25K?

Just wondering how long it took you all to graduate? I am on course to start week 9 next week and all being well I will do the final run on Friday. That will make a total of 19 weeks for me. I injured my knee in early December and had three weeks rest, and then it was Christmas, and I have repeated a couple of weeks but I am still very pleased with myself. I was wondering how many people actually did it in 9 weeks and how many like me got on a slow train?


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  • Hi! I have just looked back at last year's running diary. About 14 weeks for me - started last few weeks of December 2015 and graduated Easter 2016. Slow and steady wins the race ;) Best of luck with your final run - enjoy.

  • Managed it in 9 weeks started running after work then changed to running in the morning as I found it easier

  • About 15 I think as I spent some time in the injury couch and also found I needed more time between the later runs.

  • I should finish Saturday. I started on Christmas Day, so taken me 10 weeks, I think, roughly. Still got a long way to go in terms of speed, etc, though, but happy to take the slow run getting there though

  • Me, I was 16 weeks. (bearing in mind I'm also 3 stone more than I ought to be...)

  • I was lucky and it took me 9 weeks (started 2 Jan). Honestly thought when I started that it would take me longer, but by some miracle managed to keep on track x

  • It's taken me 8 weeks... but I'm lucky because I'm self-employed so it's much easier for me to fit my runs into my day. After the first 3 weeks or so, I started running on alternate days instead of 3x per week because I was paranoid about having to run in the rain!

  • 17!

  • I did it in 9 weeks, I had a few personal reasons that made me keep going!!

    (along with a few doubts I could!!)

  • My first time round, in autumn-winter 2012 took about 12 weeks I think, from memory. Second time I can't remember; third time (graduated in early Feb this year) took something over 10 months. Yes, months, not weeks! Knee issues meant I took it slowly, repeating the first few weeks, building up gradually from week 3 to 4 of the plan. Got to week 8 by August, then summer holidays happened and I had a month off, just lost the habit. Spent another few months trying to get through weeks 5 and 6 with life getting in the way. But I got there eventually! :)

  • It will be 9 weeks today. No injuries- apart from the deafness to excuses I heard the first few weeks in my head

  • Took me 7 weeks before I even started C25K --- running for 1 minute was too much for me so I took 7 weeks to do this programme first That was 3 years and 3000 klms ago when I was only 67YO ! :)

  • 4 months, I was injured for some of it, and also still swimming so I didn't run 3 times a week until later. I didn't want to use up all the fun in one go either!

  • Almost five months. Did not make the five k distance for a few weeks after graduation, and fastest time ever - and in a race with caution thrown to the winds - was 33:45. It regularly still takes me around 40 minutes on a level route.

    Main thing - no injuries and enjoying doing it and what it does for me :)

  • I did it in nine weeks but ONLY because I was doing about one in three runs with some friends and I really didn't want to fall behind them. Otherwise I would have repeated most weeks!

  • Slow train for me! It took me 50 runs not the standard 27 :)

    You are doing fine - enjoy your graduation run :)

  • Well not completed yet but started in October, couldn't get past wk 3. Started afresh in Jan from wk 1, and have only just completed wk4 today. So so to date 4 months 😮. Still determined to finish though.

  • It took me 9 weeks. I'm fairly lucky I didn't have to repeat any of the weeks and kind of sailed through it.

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