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Where did all you graduates go?

Well this site has definitely changed. I am struggling with the new format to be honest ,but then I hate change so I shall shut up and hope it improves soon. My questions are why is there no longer the word Graduate beside the names of community members who have completed week 9. Also I no longer receive emails notifying me when someone has posted or are the rest of you not liking this new format so are not posting much anymore. I can't find a lot of my past posts,they seem to have disappeared . The automatic tagging is just weird and not very helpful,although it does provide me with a bit of a giggle sometimes. I love this community and all the help that i have recieved from it so far and have found past posts or blogs as we used to know them,what was wrong with calling them blogs? They were really helpful to read . Why did the old format change,there is a saying if it ain't broke don't mend it......but I suppose there must have been a serious problem for it to suddenly metamorphous into this.

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I suspect a lot of people (myself included) are simply so frustrated that they've given up and are waiting for this abomination to be sorted out. Example - I see your question, I want to reply. I now need to log in every time (despite having "remember me" checked) . I log in (i.e. sign in) and instead of staying at your question, I find myself at a 'my profile' kind of page, with no questions. I then have to find the C25K community at the top of the page and select it. This gives me an amalgam of posts and questions ... listed by response instead of by question or post ... Only now can I make my response.

Oh yes - and as I typed this on my iPad, my finger must have strayed out of the on screen keyboard, and I lost my response. Zapped - disappeared- it is no more.

Except ... if I close the keyboard, I can see it again. The problem is that the 'footer' (the green bar at the bottom of the page) is sitting on top of the response. So I need to flick the screen a little to get it to reposition and let me see, and continue, my answer.

Absolutely scandalous!

I did two 10K runs at the weekend , including the Great Edinburgh run. But I just can't bear the pain of posting about it. So, with the exception of this answer, I'm sitting on the side, trying to make sense of this pile of donkey doo-doo. And once it seems to be usable, I'll join back in.



Oh Malcy ,you should definitely post about your 10k runs.......I would love to read them . It's those type of posts that help to inspire me to keep going.


Malcy, don't leave us this way....we can't survive, we can't stay alive, without your posts, oh baby, on't leave us this way. (Communards)


Ain't necessarily so, Delia. I never can say goodbye. After all, you are my world - you make me feel (mighty real) :)

I just love Wee Jimmy Somerville. But not that way


I was tempted to abandon ship too - especially with the lack of staying logged in. It does seem a little better now so I'm not sure if someone has taken their chair off the server cables or had a foot placed firmly on their posterior.

Although I agree that it's such an appalling way to go about it - no notice/warning and clearly no testing or soft launch....

If this was in private sector heads and jobs would have rolled this morning!

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Sorry for all the frustrations. We are working through the bugs and inconsistencies as we speak. It's far from ideal but please pitch in and let us know specific problems at



Thanks for the reply Matt. I guess most of us liked the old system better as it seemed more user friendly. I shall definitely stick with it as the couch 25k programme has been one of the best things I have ever done. I am currently finishing week 7 and loving it. This community has been so important as I don't think I would have found the will power to do this at all without the support from others members. I love reading the ups and downs of other bloggers.....err I mean posters. If you can get some where near to how it used to be ,I for one will be happy.


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