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Hi all,

I've been around here for a bit but this is my first post. Even though I never got to talk about my experience, just reading some posts around here gives me that little pinch of motivation to go out and run when i'm not sure.

I've decided now it's time to do my bid and write about what keeps me going (running more exactly).

When I started with week one i had a month since i quit 7 years of smoking and I just started gaining weight because everything started to taste a lot better. My lungs were barely managing, my feet were sore and i had to take a break in the middle of the podcast so i didn't spew my lungs there and then. Managed then to get to the end of week 2 and i had no motivation left, it seemed so hard and lengthy, so much hard work, so i stopped trying.

Six months of slight weight gain, bad eating habits and no fitness later, i decided i needed to change something. It was a pretty good period in my life so it was pretty easy to convince myself and i also had the luck to move into a building that had an exit to a nice park large enough to run around. I started cooking for myself and eating a lot healthier, but the most important thing is that i downloaded the podcasts and started again from week 1. I was determined to be patient this time because i knew there was no other way around it. I graduated week 9 last summer by not missing a run every other day, except when i was abroad (even then i was so close to take my gear with me).

It felt great, i had more energy, i slept better, i lost a bit of weight but after a few months i got lazy and started to go out running less and less. By winter i stopped running completely.

Six months of slight weight gain, bad eating habits and almost no fitness later, i decided i needed to change something. This time i was serious: my first run in that much time was 6 km around a lake and except for 5 minutes of walking at the middle of the length, i finished it.

Since then (july this year), i ran just under 120 miles, lost about 20 lb and went from an overweight BMI to a normal one. I slowly got to that balance where i eat right and i exercise naturally.

I've learned my lesson now. I know how slow change is but i also know how good it feels later on. I have to lose another 10 lb and i know this is going to happen only if i persevere. I have to say it would have been a lot better if i kept at it the first time i started C25K, i would be a lot better now, but i'm really proud of what i have achieved nonetheless.

Long story short, if you have doubts, if it seems too hard for you, if you can't find that thing that gets you off your couch and into your trainers then take it slow, just don't stop. It's a lot of work to get to 5k, a lot more work to get past that but trust me, it's all worth it.

Now go get your kit because you have a run to do.

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Well done Adimsk for keep going back and now completing it. To go out and just run 6km is great - something a lot of us would dream about after time off.

Winter is a less than nice place for some of us running, I have to pluck up so much courage to face the cold, but last year I just kept ticking over maybe only 1 or 2 runs a week and this did not seem to affect how much I had achieved. So onwards on your mileage chart.


Great post!!!

We are our own worst enemy it seems to me. We can change though, and once we accept change is necessary, we can commit to improving things and turn our lives around.

Well done you. Never look back!


Thank you misswoble. There are so many thing to consider when trying to get in the right mindset to change something in your life, i think i was really lucky.


I've got myself baselayers, thick socks and a hat. Your move, winter.


What a great post Adimsk. I think a lot of us lose motivation from time to time and it sometimes takes a big push to get back and run again. You have had the determination to get back on track not once, or twice, but three times. I am full of admiration, and it does sound like this time you have it cracked. Well done for not giving up!


Thank you lizziebeth57! It would have been a lot easier if I found this website earlier, when i was struggling. You can just say that you're not in a mood for a run and you get a ton of brilliant responses that get you going.


You are like a really slow marathon runner . Do you know that the toughest marathon runners are those who run the marathon in 6 hours -- not those who are at the front and run for only a bit over 2 hours. :)

Can you imagine running for 6 hours - the 2+ marathon winners can't (and neither can I :) )

You have done C25K the TOUGH way - and good for you!!!


6 hours is a lot, the longest i've made it was one hour. Thing is, 6km seemed a lot when i could run only 1km so maybe running a marathon is not that far away after all...


Well done Adimsk, you should get your graduate badge - you certainly have earned it! :-)


I'd love that. How do i get it?!


Leave your name on this thread and the kind admins will sort it for you: :-)


Done. Thank you for taking your time to help me


What a great post! Well done for getting back out there and achieving all you have :-)


Thank you Cara! Hope i'll see your graduate badge soon.


Adimsk, Wow. I love your attitude! This is so splendid, doing it and doing again and more. This is beautiful!

I quite agree, the cto5K is a standard model. I think one can adapt the model to one's strength. So good too that you have packed up the cigs. I'm doubly proud of you .

I belong to the Lung foundation Forum next door. If you copy your post there, you'll have plenty of people who try to quit smoking and plenty who do some exercise or another. You'd be welcome there, as much as here. Those who have lung diseases would understand your struggle and perseverance. Well done!


Thank you helingmic! It's really inspiring to see you're so determined to get better. I'll be sure to pop in next door, i have to do some research as well. My father is born in 1950, he's walking a lot in the city and being very active when he's in the countryside but i haven't found yet how to make him quit those cigarettes.


Well, my father told me and my mum that smoking was his only joy! ( not much for us!). II lived all my youth with them . of course. At 40, I got bronchiectasis. The first thing they asked me at the Royal Brompton was how long had I smoke?! Never, but my father did. This is the unfortunate indictment of such habit!

I struggle to regain my health. I have done it partially, but the damage to my lungs is there!


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