To run or not to run?

I promised myself to write before it will be too late, even if there is a chance that I'll overcome my laziness by myself. I wanted to do my W2R3 today.

Reasons not to run:

I feel tired and sleepy. I feel lazy. I will go for 30 min walk with my dog anyway (before potential run). I just don't feel like running / I don't want to run :(

The reasons to run:

It's a nice weather, some sun shinong through clouds. Tomorrow is supposedly raining. My dog will be happy, if I'd go woth her. Ot will be 1 step closer to my motivational gift - bungee leash :) It'd be my last W2 run, so next week week 3 :) that sounds much better than week 2 ;) It'd burn quite a few calories, allowing me to be closer to my weight goal and allowing to eat withoit a regret my today's delicious dinner - creamy, garlic, pesto king prawns (approx. 800kcal).

It's​ clear that I should go run. Then why I didn't manage to convince myself?


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31 Replies

  • Go IgaT! It's gorgeous out there. Don't think about it, just put yourself on autopilot and go. You'll feel really smug afterwards. In fact off you go before you walk the dog 🐶!

  • I can't before. I need to walk her first thing after coming back from work, as she waited 8h.

  • ..and the dog will love you for it too :) x

  • Ok can you walk in your running gear and then head straight out? No thinking! Nice glass of wine as reward when you get back!

  • I'm oit with her in my running gear ;)

  • Yippee - go you!

  • Run.... just run.... I am older than you... so, just do as you are told and get out there...:)


    You will feel amazing afterwards and have an appetite for your dinner this evening:)

  • Nice try Oldfloss ;)

    But I am young and rebelious :P

    For now, I put my gear on - as they say first step to success ;) and I'm going out for a walk. I hope I (and/or you) convince myself to run afterwards.

  • Okay..blackmail.. " You are really making me sad" :(

  • Yeap, it works better for me. I am this kind o person who tries to make everybody happy and smiling :) and feel bad if couses bad feeling :(

    But there, I did it, I hope you're happy again ;)

  • OMG! I am barely walking today. Usually I get more alive during walkin her. But I feel like zombie walking :/

  • Right.. that settles it.. a run will shake the zombies off :)

  • I am blaming the full moon as so many seem to be posting about the same lethargy today! However finally today I have got out there much later than planned and despite many gremlins, happy to report they are asleep now and I feel glad I have done it. You clearly want to do it so just one little push more. (PS can I have some of that dinner)

  • I can send you a photo (probably) and recipe. Maybe even webpage of the guy from who I'm buying fresh fishes and sea food. He is selling​ it in few ciies ;)

  • Afraid just over eaten but thoroughly enjoyed my version of what you described. Had carbs but no cream (still tasted creamy) and I think about the same calories. Didn't expect recipe ideas from this community lol

  • Suprises are hiding everywhere ;)

  • Well done you... :) Those pesky gremlins!!!

    I, on the other hand, have felt energised today...( always been odd), got out early.. did a speedy ( for me) 3K up a few hills, got attacked by wet grass and killer buttercups... have sorted half my loft out and done two loads of washing :)

  • That is good going!

  • I am a bit loopy... :) Husband calls me whizz wham! :)

  • Wow! Speedy you are today! Good for you! :D

  • :) I give myself bonus points, for age, wet , long grass and inclines :)

  • I got few extra points for high temp and humidity. Maybe half a point for 8h work? Am I allowed to do that?

  • You are indeed sweetie:) 10 bonus points :)

  • You didn't count your waking up in the morning ;)

  • OK, I will try. This is all I can promise. My dog was also very slow and lazy today. She got tired very fast, so I am going with​out her.

    Maybe I won't finish, maybe I will. But at least nobody say I didn't try ;)

    See you later and thank you!

  • Good on you! The only thing to regret is not trying... ;) Looking forward to your post-run report :)

  • My post-run report. I did it and I am still alive. More after stretching ;)

  • well done IgaT

    I hope you take this is the spirit in which it is intended-

    IgaT, You are VERY needy :)

  • Oh yes I am needy and greedy ;) I always want more​! :P

  • Great run in the end Iga😀🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Thanks :)

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