Bad run this morning.

I thought I would share my run with you today as it made me smile and feel good about myself.

It was one of the worst runs I have had for over 2 years. I decided to do a run before breakfast I was aiming for a 30 min run. So off I set. I could not get my breathing right my feet felt like they had had lead poured into them and My heart rate was rising fast. I slowed down and still felt under pressure so I had a little walk. Picked up the pace again and had to slow down again.

All this and I only managed 27 min before I benched myself and walked home.

So you might be asking why do I feel good about myself.

I have a half marathon a week on Sunday and this run gave me the information I need about myself to be ready for next week.

my body is tired it needs some rest

My body needs some stretching - twice a day every day until Friday.

I need to remember to have a glass of water before my run (if running before breakfast)

I need to remember to take my hay fever spray 

In 2014 when I started the program if I had had a run like today I would have come home and used that word we don't allow (failed run). I would of beaten myself up for days about how I will never be a runner and asked myself what am I doing, I'm kidding myself that this is for me.

The reality is my body is asking me a favour to help look after itself and if I do as it asks it will reward me with completion of my Half marathon next week.

That can never be considered a fail in any bodies book.

So remember no matter what week you are on if you have a bad run ask yourselves questions and learn a little bit about what your body is telling you. It is all information that will eventually make you the best runner you can be.  

Happy healthy running to you all. 


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16 Replies

  • Thanks for posting that. I had a horrible run on Wednesday, got home and my legs were in agony, I ran no where near as far as I know I can run or as fast, or as long! I was really disheartened.  I think I needed a rest too, and better preparation.  I was rushing to fit the run in and it did me no good at all. (I'm only a 5k runner) 

    I'm going to stop stressing today, chill out and get ready for tomorrow's Parkrun and hopefully enjoy that, and put Wednesday behind me 

  • Sounds like a great plan. Have fun at park run.  Please don't say I'm only a 5k runner, that is a great achievement,  have you any idea how many people don't yet run 1km.  If you go out and run for 90 seconds it's still 90 seconds of that couch.  

  • Very true, it's harder to make the transition in in your head that you're a runner than it is to run 

  • A thought provoking post Rfc..thank you. :)

    I think, our bodies are great at telling us what is necessary, but we can be so bad at listening to them!

    My legs ached on this morning's run...I think as a result of the nutty experiment in backward running...:) I just took it steady today as a result, and am going to do some stretches later on today.

    I can guess that you are going to listen to your body and be totally ready for your run a week on Sunday .

    Hope it goes well this week, and thank you for reminding us to just take the time, and have the sense, to listen to ourselves, we are probably the best reference source ever.

  • Thank you.  We all can have a habit of trying things new and then feel the consequences hehe.  I think your right to take it a bit steady.  Happy running. 

  • What a great lesson in positive thinking. You have now opened up a new way of analysing what has happened during a run. I will try to learn to listen better.

  • Thank you. I found I have learnt so much from this running malarkey.  😀. 

  • Morning RFC   a crappy run is a disappointment but sometimes an indicator that something isn't right.  You have it sussed, which is a relief, and can crack on

    Wohoo!  Exciting times ahead 😊

  • Morning missW, your so right.  What a difference a year makes, last year I was so worried I wasn't ready this year it's a case of bring it on.  

  • Yeah baby!  😊

  • Wise words and great attitude RFC!

  • Thank you

  • Brilliant RFC , very wise words. Its all a learning curve isn't it and its great that we can pick up on these things and adjust accordingly.

    Have a good rest and you will be as fresh as a daisy for your HM ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you.  Been doing little bits of stretching all day.  Every time I pass a step just a little hamstring stretch. 

  • Thankyou, Thankyou! I have just got in from W4R3 and it was awful. Had to walk a bit in the 5 min runs (which I managed 2 days ago without stopping), my asthma played up and I sounded like a steam train, felt sick and dizzy. I just got in feeling like the worlds worst runner, cried a bit and felt like a massive failure.  Well I read your post and it made me think, I realised that I hadn't eaten since breakfast, hadn't had a drink for hours, used my inhaler too late and did not get much sleep last night so it was really not surprising that I struggled. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom and making me feel sooooo much better about myself. I wish you all the luck in the world with the half marathon and am sending you many good vibes!!

  • Thank you.  Don't fret too much I am sure your next run you will go so much better.   Knowledge is power when it comes to running.  Happy next run.  

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