At last I'm getting somewhere!

I graduated 5 weeks ago (only seems like yesterday) and I've continued to run 3 times a week - varied my route, slight uphill sections (only slight!) and now tend not to listen to music but listen to the rythm of my feet on the pavement - mind you sometimes hard to hear my feet as my breathing is so loud, haha!!

Anyway this week .... everything has just clicked and I am now enjoying being a RUNNER! I've done a couple of 5ks, mainly just to see if I could and I got a time if 38/39 minutes. Monday I suddenly decided to do a 5k and managed 37 mins 15 secs, Wednesday just a 30 mins run as I was working later, then today I smashed out another 5k in an amazing 34 mins 15 secs. WHAT?? I really had to push myself to keep up the pace and although I'm writing this as a bit of a brag as I'm so chuffed, I want to let all you newbies, or recent graduates know that if you just keep plodding along (I never really set myself goals, just so happy to be able to run) that all of a sudden it gets easier, you recover quicker, ache a bit less afterwards and now, apparently you get some speed from somewhere!!

Happy happy running to all you lovely supportive forum buddies 😊


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12 Replies

  • Great post. I've just finished week 5 but find your post really inspiring. I have not been bitten by the running bug yet but am hoping that it will all click at some point in the not too distant future. Your post gives me hope! Happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  • The bug will bite, it gets us all in the end 😉

  • Well done Val52 proof that perseverance and hard work win out in the end. I think a lot of us has spent time admiring (if that's the word) so called 'sporty' people we know who fit running and exercise into their lives as some sort of superhuman breed for whom it all comes naturally and running is just some breeze.

    This program removes that myth completely. These fit runners just knew something we didn't - the power of perseverance and hard work. it is something we can all achieve, not a gift we are bestowed at birth - sure for some of us the challenges are bigger - but we all have it within ourselves.

    You are proof of that, 5 weeks after completing you are getting fitter and stronger. The end of the C25k program is by no means job done, there is still more to come and perseverance and hard work is all you need.

  • So true. This is just the beginning, onwards and upwards 🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Very well done Val52. Also pleased to hear this as I ran w10r2 (if you see what I mean) yesterday and was just thinking to myself 'I wonder if this ever get easier' :)

    So I am encouraged by your success!

  • Keep running, it will so be worth it, you'll suddenly turn a corner and you will feek AMAZING every time you run 🏃

  • There's no way I'm stopping now!

  • Well done - happy running.

  • That's makes encouraging reading Val. I will finish week 7 tonight and I'm still looking forward to enjoying the run itself, not just the smug satisfaction that comes afterwards!

  • Although nothing wrong with smug satisfaction!! 😉

  • Lovely inspiring post! Thank you 😊

  • you are an inspiration! well done. I am 2 weeks past graduation and still running but not getting any further or quicker yet so now I have hope, Thank you!

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