And... I'm done!

Graduate run done this lunchtime! Its a really lovely day as well so was feeling good about it. I had decided that rather than killing/injuring myself trying to do the 5k in 30mins I would plug away until I reached the distance and not worry about time.

I decided on a familiar route that I like and off I went. I was feeling pretty good at ten minutes so when I hit 15 mins I snuck a look at mapmyrun... I had done 2.32k which was pretty encouraging.. i think this spurred me on to go a bit faster and I was just off 4k with 5mins left of the run.

I carried on running after the 30mins were up and hit 5.07k in 32.43 mins.

I wanted to do in under 35mins and I am actually happy that its enough over the 30 mins that I am not kicking myself for missing it by a hair..

Also achieved my fastest average pace and fastest split for a km which I am chuffed about.

What to do on friday now?!

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  • Congratulations Reyc , bet your well chuffed well done .

  • RESULT! Brilliant run. Enjoy the good feelings!

  • Excellent. Very Well Done.

  • Fantastic run, well done! Whatever you decide to do next, make sure you keep us all posted won't you?

  • My immediate plan is to wash some sweaty clothes! Next is to get some long tights and a long sleeved running top. Don't want the weather to be an excuse!

  • What WILL you do now? Is there life after C25K? I have wondered...! :-/

    In the meantime, many congratulations. You must be over the moon!

  • Big congratulations enjoy your running clothes shopping, maybe have a think about finding your local parkrun to keep you motivated

  • Congratulations! I hope to be writing a graduation post on Saturday! Let us know what you decide to do next! xx

  • I am so impressed, congratulations! ! What a fabulous life accomplishment :) . Treat yourself to some new clothes. Maybe just keep working on your time or are you interested in moving on to a 10K? Just bask in your awesomeness!

  • Congratulations You must feel fantastic

  • Congratulations. Such an achievement. Looking forward to seeing the silver badge. :-)

  • Excellent work. My w9r3 was much harder (ironically w9r1 was much easier) so congrats to you.

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