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Still going strong


Bit of a strange start today, got myself out of bed early and out for my Parkrun only to get there to find it was cancelled-due to icy paths! But, undeterred I drove home (the Park is several miles from my home) and decided to do my home-run. C25K has given me so much and I still can’t quite believe it when I’m out there, I keep smiling to myself. I just wish I could achieve the 5k in 30 mins - today 35.11 and I really don’t know how I can find the increase in pace to shave off 5 mins!! On the upside, I did manage to improve by 5 secs on my last run so I think it’s going to take a while haha. I’ll keep at it though 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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You ran amidst your beautiful scenery, you enjoyed yourself, speed doesn't matter.

(But if it makes you feel better, you are much faster than me!)😄

MummycavModerator in reply to Elfe5

And me 😉


35.11 is GREAT. I'm a 52 year old bloke and I graduated C25K 9months ago. Did my 9th Parkrun this morning 33.32 ... fastest ever!!! I set myself a target of below 40... then 37... then aiming at around 35. To be Honest a sub 37 parkrun is still a good run for me.

As has been said many many times... C25K should be C2runningfor30minuteswithoutstopiiing... but its not very catchy. 30 min for 5k is my running Valhalla.

I sympathise with you turning up to a cancelled Parkrun. Happened to me before Christmas. same reason ice on the paths. Myself and a few others that had turned up did it anyway... seems that my local Parkrun communicates on face book not on their website. I am not on face book and don't have a smart phone... yes ... yes... i also live in acave... hunt for food and wear animal skins. Lol.

Well done and Happy Running.

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Kingfisherk26

My Valhalla too - hadn’t thought about it in Viking speak before but it’s gonna stick now haha 😂 I’m going to pillage it next week 😂😂

Hopefully not Valhalla, as you have to die in combat to get there. Dying on a 5k is not something we recommend.

If you are consistently shaving time off your runs then you wll reach your target. You will find improvement is not always linear. Some weeks it may be just 5s, some weeks it may be 35s. as long as it is going in the right direction it is all progress.

If you are serious about increasing speed, do some additional work towads that goal: intervals, hillsprints, leg strengthening excercise.

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Rignold

Haha yes I def don’t want that 🤪


Well done, Sue!! Like Elfe5, I don't think you should be disappointed: it's a great time and we're still learning runners for all our graduation badge ;-) Have you tried that stepping podcast for graduates? I find it awful but it helps you follow the beat increase. I also remember someone who used the C25K runs again but running very slow on the walking parts and speeding on the running parts. W1 and W2 can be good practise. I haven't tried yet. First run in ten days for me tomorrow (bad cold) so won't try it tomorrow. But will when I'm completely fine.

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Anthie

Thanks for this Anthie, great advice. I’ll give it a go 👍


Hi Suesky17 ....I graduated awhile ago & I still can’t do 5k in 30 mins...I can run for 5k and I can run for 30 minutes but do you know what? I couldn’t do that this time last year so i just keep that in my mind when I’m out & about....I’m enjoying it & proud of myself every run I do....& so should you be, it’s an amazing thing we do & our legs, lungs & heads are still learning to run....I’m sure it will come eventually 😉🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻 X

Kingfisherk26Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Couldn't agree more Mummycav. More by luck than planning I graduated on my 51st birthday back in April. I ran for 30 mins aged 51 which I know I couldn't have don aged 41! Lol.

Well done Sue, I am full of admiration for you! I’ve only just completed W2 so anyone who braved a park run on a wet/cold winter morning is in my opinion totally professional.

Suesky17Graduate in reply to Lesleyloolah

Hey thanks Lesleyloolah, 😃 C25K does that to you - it gets right under your skin, in a good way of course. For years I’ve wanted to be able to go out and run, and now I can. You have already taken a big step and look at what you’ve achieved - 2 weeks already in the bag. Don’t be put off by the weather - dress well for it and enjoy your runs. And best of all, use this forum; everyone is so great and will really spur you on. Happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😀

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