Finished at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its taken me a while but i did my last run yesterday and it felt so good i actaully kept running as i was so near 4.5 km 32 mins !!.

I started this way back in jan after taking my six year old out on her bike and i just could not keep up and kept telling her to slow down i could barely go 60 seconds and yesterday i ran 32 mins !!!

This has taken me a while as home and two small children meant i never ran 3 times a week but i plodded through and made sure i was happy with each week before i carried on to the next and even though week 7 nearly beat me here i am at the end of week nine and going to keep up my running .My husband got me a garmin watch for graduation so i can even keep better time now and hopefully in time hit that 5km in 30 mins

I would just like to thank to you proper blogers on here who always made me want to go out and run and kept me going through the months it has taken

So hopefully this is the start of my running im now hoping it will help me lose some wieght before im 40 in december anf hopefully be able to run up the hill to my house where i live so my postman stops shouting at me to STOP WALKING AND RUN!!

Well off now to get my badge so good luck to any new runners reading this you can do it and to the rest of you keep running !!!!!



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  • Congratulations. Especially as you've got wee ones. I have enough trouble finding motivation and it's just me my husband!

    Wear that green badge with pride and let us know how your transition goes as there's a few of us approaching graduation (mine in two weeks fingers crossed) so it'll be great to know how you choose to get to 5k.

  • thanks gunna stick with laura for the moment as when i tried to run with my own music i stopped three times !! hoping speed comes a bit with more running now its light at night and i can run more and going to look at the 5km+ podcasts too maybe its just lauras voice that keeps me going !! good luck with next two weks if you can nail week7 your be fine i found all my runs quite good from then but good luck and i will keep my eye out for your graduation blog soon x

  • Well done! I know how difficult it can be having small children, I have two of my own. I think it's a wonderful example you're setting for your children and what an amazing gift of a long and healthy life with them. It must feel fantastic to say you've completed the whole program, it definitely is not easy especially while being a Mom to little ones. Keep running and the best of luck to you in the future. :)


  • thanks sherri

    does feel great and now on the weekends once i finish my run i take my daughter out and she does little shuttle runs between the lampposts going further each week so good for her health too ! good luck with your runnung too at least the suns out now x


  • CONGRATULATIONS! And happy 40th when it is time. Now you've made it I hope you can keep up with your little one. Must be lovely to have her near you on her bike while you run.

  • thank you at least i can keep up with her now and shes getting better on her bike as shes stopping less ha ha x

  • Very well done Kate. Congratulations. :-) It doesn't matter how long it took you get here, your'e here and thats all that matters.

    Wishing you all the very best with your continued running. :-) And before long your kids will be telling you to slow down (haha).

  • many thanks caz

    and yes looking forward to running more often and hopefully a bit further hope your running is going well too

    kate x

  • Yeah I'm still jogging three times a week. I admit to having a bit of a struggle getting back to it after my holiday though but I'm getting there. :-)

  • Hi mason73 I'm so pleased that you wrote this blog - you are now an inspiration to new runners. I have 2 children and trying to keep up with them was also my downfall - they are being really supportive. To hear about others struggling with the same things really keeps me going.

    Congratulations! Happy 40th whenever it is.

  • hi littlehelper

    glad you enjoyed it and if i can help one person thats great !! i read this blog all the way through my runs and when i had bad ones reading blogs really helped to get me back out there and there is always someone doing the same week as you which i think helps .

    my birthday is in dec so a little while to lose my weight and with running and two kids hopefully i will get to the target i have set for then.

    so good luck with your running i will be looking for your blogs to see how you do and if i can get through this program anyone can ha ha

    happy running kate

  • thanks Kate

    All the best

  • Congratulations! I have two little ones too and your motivation for doing this sounds similar to mine. I really hope you keep it going and enjoy those runs / bike rides with your daughter. I bet she's very impressed!

  • thanks my daughters a little impressed i think ha ha i must admit i do enjoy the "me time" that running gives me that hour is bless sometimes so hopefully i will keep it up as now i can run 30mins dont wanna stop

    kate x

  • Congratulations! I have two more runs to go to graduation so hope to join you by then end of the week.

  • many thanks

    good luck with last two runs its a great feeling when you finish so i hope you enjoy it

    kate x

  • Congratulations!! I'm just starting out and seeing blogs like these really motivate me to get out for another run and keep going so thank you for sharing :) Kat x

  • dear kat

    hope you are enjoying your runs and like you reading peoples blogs made me want to run more

    kate x

  • well done! (I can't see how I'd have managed when my kids were little) Congrats!

  • thank you

    it took a while but i got there x

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