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Hello from a Newbie πŸ˜€

Hi everyone - I'm a newbie to all this having reached my personal 'enough is enough' point in my life re my weight and (lack of) fitness - I'm 52, short of stature and feel 'as wide as I'm tall' at the moment πŸ˜•

I'm currently doing a minimum of 2 x 1.5 mile power walks a day with my dogs but want to bite the bullet and try running now. I've downloaded the app but am wondering if my current trainers are up to the job of moving from walking to running? Especially as I'm conscious that when power walking I tend to land more on the outside edge of my right foot than the heel.

There's a specialist running shoe shop I've been recommended that does 'gait analysis' - has anyone else had this done? Or can anyone recommend a good 'newbie running shoe' that isn't going to require a second mortgage to buy?

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Yes yes yes! If you can invest in the right shoes at this early stage then do it! Then use them by working through the programme.

If you buy them you will have to use them! Good luck


Hi. Welcome on board

The first few weeks of the program you don't actually do much running as in blocks of time so your current trainers would probably be fine.

You may want to try the first few weeks and decide if it's for you before investing in runners?

However if your current trainers are not in very good condition or you know you'll stick to the program or you want to buy yourself some lovely new runners πŸ˜‰ Then that's fine too.

I had gait analysis done at about week 4. It really is easy to have done and worth it as they will advise you which type of trainer you need and you can try on several makes as they do all fit differently. You don't necessarily have to buy there and then, so you could have gait analysis done now and then have a look around and online at costs for the type of runners you need


Yes if you can afford it get proper running shoes. I did to week 3 in old trainers I use for walking then decided to get gait analysis and the right shoes. Once the runs get above a few minutes I figured my risk of injury started to go up. Glad I did as they are super comfy to run in. Any time I feel like giving up I will just have to remind myself how much they cost. Can't spend that much and not use them.


That's my philosophy too - I know if I'm not careful I'll leave myself open to injury and then give up - and the cost will also motivate me πŸ™„


I would definitely recommend a gait analysis. If I'd have had one at the very beginning and got the right running shoes, I probably wouldn't be unable to run now!


Oh no ! Are you badly injured?


Enough to stop me running πŸ˜ͺ I've developed "bursitis" in my hip for which I'm currently doing stretching exercises. However, tbh, it's still painful even when walking. It's been nearly 2 months and still no further forward.

I didn't go for my gait analysis and bought running shoes for my gait until I was at the end of the programme. I think that if I had, i wouldn't be in this position.

I never thought when I started the programme that I would enjoy running but quickly realised how wonderful it was and now I'm missing it so much.

Hope you too enjoy it πŸ‘


I've just been to my locks Up and Running store and bought some trainers - so excited to start now!

First pair I tried on felt like the comfiest things I'd ever worn and I was amazed to see when we analysed the video that my feet both rolled in on the instep when running - the pair I've got make me run perfectly straight - I'm so glad I took your advice, I'd have totally got the wrong things without the gait analysis.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question πŸ˜€

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You're very welcome. I'm so pleased you got a good pair of running shoes. You won't regret it. Enjoy 😊

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Oh and please keep us all informed of your progress πŸ‘ It's so exciting πŸ€—πŸ€—


Just completed Week 2 guys - Week 3 starts on Wednesday and for the first time since I started this I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of running for 3 minutes.......


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