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Hello from a C25K newbie!

I've just completed Day 1 of Week 1 so I am really new to this! I walk a lot and fairly quickly doing 4 x 15 mins - home to station; station to work and the same in reverse on my way home, plus I go out for a walk at lunch time every day but I'm overweight and struggling to get my weight down. I did all of the runs so day 1 went well. I'm using a treadmill at home because I know I won't go out and do it (I've been planning to for about 12 months and haven't...)

But I've started and that can't be a bad thing! :-)

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Not bad at all! :-) The hardest part is starting the program and you did it! :-) Welcome!! :-) Gayle


Welcome to a great programme that really does work, and is one of the best things I've ever done for myself! I agree with Gayle, starting was the hardest part. :)


Well done on getting started, I agree with the others, you achieved one of the hard parts, enjoy the journey you've started.


Hi. Well done for starting - I'm sure the walking will have helped. I am quite new here too - going out on W1R3 tomorrow. Nervous and excited at the same time!

I'm a bit envious of your treadmill as I'm finding the temperature outside a little off putting!


Also going out for W1 R3 tomorrow. I have the opposite problem with the temperature. I recently moved to the Middle East and find it's too hot! I try to go early or late when it's cooler but in the summer it will be 3o+ degrees in the night. Trying not to think that far ahead and take it day by day at the minute!


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