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Hello from a newbie


Hello, I'm just checking in to say hello and hopefully find some other people to share this experience with online over the next 9 weeks. I have been inspired to get off the couch and start running after seeing over 1000 students and very many teachers take part in a sponsored 5K at the school I work at on sports day. I was ashamed that I didn't feel fit enough to participate and I want to rectify that, so that next year I can join them in a run too. My goal is to complete a park run in October half term. I have all the summer holidays to work on the C25K but I am wondering how to make sure I keep on running when I return to work in September, so that it becomes part of my routine and I don't lose motivation. I think I'll be on week 5 or 6 when we go back to work. I completed W1 R1 today and feel OK - although I expect I might be sore tomorrow!

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Welcome, you have just found a few hundred to share your ups and downs ( hopefully there won't be any of those) and cheer you to the finish line.

I reckon by September you will be hooked. I wondered how I would fit it into my life and then found myself leaping out of bed at 5:30am because it was a run day.

Go as slow as you need to. Keep us posted. Prepare for your life to change.


Welcome and good luck with the programme! As IannodaTruffe points out, there is always time to fit a run in and if (as many) you become addicted, you will find that it is the rest of life that has to fit in around your running!! 🙂

Hi Beck, great idea to start this c25k program. It works, you will be able to run for 30 minutes and you will enjoy the feeling of success as you move through the plan...😊

No need to lose motivation, as you can see there are loads of folk at different stages posting on here and plenty of advice and support available...

That first run is the hardest..and that's behind you now...onwards and upwards....

Do check out the stretches and advice available on the pinned posts.😊

Good luck.


Hi and welcome:)

This is a great place to begin your journey... :) Take it slow and steady as IannodaTruffe says;

Make sure you take your rest days and listen to your body... it will protest.. that is normal! The programme will get you steadily to running for 30 minutes after nine weeks or so... but you should be fine for the 5K in October.

Some other non impact exercise on rest days is good to.. plenty of time to do it too, in the hols! Swimming, walking, cycling maybe and the Strength and Flex exercise linked with the programme are quite useful We need to build up stamina and strength!


Keep posting for great support and encouragement! Well done!


Welcome Beck. Don't worry, you'll find time to fit running in, especially once you get to September. You've taken the first step to being a graduate and you'll do great. Just remember you have everybody here if you ever need encouragement. Good luck 🍀


Thank you for the motivating welcomes. I have just returned from W1R2. Legs are feeling a bit heavy but I was glad to overcome my nerves and get out this morning. I also worked out a better route which I think will keep me going through the whole course as part of it is a field I can add extra laps to when Mr Michael Jordan requires me to run for longer stretches of time!

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