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W5R2 done W5R3 scarey

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Did my run the usual time around 5am ish and kept it slow it was completed much to my surprise without any issues. Next run is 20 mins with no break I don't think I've run that long without stopping since I was at school that was an awful long time ago and I was an awful lot skinnier so I'm finding the prospect quite scarey

I would appreciate any tips for this next run on Sunday especially how other people have coped mentally as I think that's the key issue

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Don't be scared. Believe in yourself.


I'm doing the same run Saturday or Sunday. Positive thinking - think how fantastic we are going to feel after completing it!

You can do do this and you know it. I will be running with you, literally x

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You're right we can do it !!

Don't be scared although when I was going to do this run I was dreading it. But I must say it was my favourite run out all the runs from week 1 until now I'm on week 7. For some reason I found easier than any of them plus I was buzzing at the end of it so don't worry u can do it


I think it's all about pacing yourself and I found a kind of 'resting' speed if that makes sense - much to my surprise. Anyway it was all about finding different gears for me - quite enjoyable. Cant believe I just said that ( it was only last week). Good luck but you won't need it.

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Since I wrote this I did a 3.5 m walk - very fast, for me. And found the same issues as when 'jog-shuffling ' - i.e. First few minutes my body felt outraged then got into a rhythm and swung along and then felt tired and wanted to stop but got through- then could barely crawl around for a bit, then rested and all right! So I'm learning it's ok to set achievable goals - as though treating my body like a kid! Coax, coax, coax ... c'mon leggies!!


If you've followed the plan so far you are ready for this. Go at it planning to succeed and you will. Then you can follow those of us who have amazed ourselves that we can do this (and you can too ๐Ÿ˜Š).


The program has prepared you, so trust it. W5R2 saw you run for a total of 16 minutes without stopping (you slowed don to a walk instead - this counts).

As others say pace yourself, go slow. The longer runs require more mental strength, but you will soon get into a rhythm, just be sure you don't think about the time too much.

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