Happy feet - W5R3 done!

Happy feet - W5R3 done!

Today was a massive mental milestone for me. I did, without too much drama or struggle, complete W5R3. I was super nervous about this one, as I'm sure most are. What a leap, from 8 minutes to 20 minutes straight! However, I had Runkeeper on and set it to give me 5 minute interval time updates and I truly think that helped. I just kept breaking the elephant down into little bites, so I could eat the whole thing.. so to speak! I also took some fantastic advice I was given on here (thank you!) and changed the route I run. I think that helped immensely. I just wanted to say to you all, thank you so much for your support whenever I put a post up and the fantastic advice I get from my fellow C25K'ers.

Here's a pic of my 'happy feet' after I finished... and yes, I am wearing full length training leggings as it was a 'cool' 25ยฐC this morning :P

Once again, thanks all!!!!

Kel x


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  • Bonzer!

  • Hey.. that's an old Aussie word I've not heard for ages! Haha! Thanks for the flashback and the comment :) :)

  • LOL. I considered calling you Sheila but thought better of it :)

    But seriously, well done (mate). ;)

  • Ha! You could've gotten away with it - I'd laugh at it!

    I'm going to dazzle you Brits once I'm living over there later this year, with my fantastic lingo :)

  • Well done Kel! What a lovely time you had. Those new shoes, and a new route made you go for it and it worked

    Lovely shoes by the way!!!!

    We are all still firmly in long running pants here in the UK where we are all freezing our wotsits off. We had torrential rain, gales, hailstones as big as peas over the past couple of days. Still C25kers are turning out to do their runs. Quite, quite mad. LOL

  • Whoa! That's crazy weather! I'm really going to have to get my head around not being able to use that as an excuse not to run, once we move over later in the year. I'll definitely be looking for advice on the best clothing, once I'm there. A good excuse to shop, hooray!

    The shoes were a present to myself once I'd done W3 - they are Asics Noosa Gel Tri 10's. I love the multi-colours! You can see me coming, in the dark, that's for sure!

    The new route was an absolutely amazing idea - I think I'm going to alternate to mix it up and keep my brain guessing. That's why I'm an outdoor runner, I can't do it on the treadmill, as I need that visual distraction to make me forget what I'm doing.

    Sending you some of our warmth, will be 31ยฐC here today and we can spare a few degrees to send your way!!

    Thanks again, misswobble! x

  • Well done.

    Look out for wk 6, run 1 - it's a killer that you don't expect!!!!!

  • Ooh, thank you for the advice! I looked ahead and thought it didn't look too bad.. don't you hate those, sneaky ones!? :) Cheers!

  • I struggled so much I've had to repeat wk 6. I did day 1 again yesterday and I still struggled with it!

    I think I decided because I did wk 5 day 3 I was invincible and started off far to fast (both times!!!)

  • Fantastic advice.. I'll continue with my pace of 'turtle going through peanut butter' :) :)

  • Oh good thinking.

    I've decided that although Id like to think I run like a gazelle escaping a lion, I probably look more like a slug heading for lettuce......

  • Ha! Love that analogy. I just tell myself, that it's not walking so it's running... further down the track I'll work on technique and going faster/harder but right now it's about getting through it. I'm going to have the picture of a slug in my head next time now.. haha.

  • Lol.

    Just keep shuffling on - we'll get to the end eventually!

  • At first I was thinking where in the UK has had sun??? Then I read you are down under which explains that!! Well done, this is the run that makes you realise you can do this :)

  • My days of sun are numbered... 200 odd days and we are relocating to the tropical (ha) UK so I'm soaking them up while I can.

    Yes, I think this is the mental milestone for me - I have learnt to push myself, and the best part of this program is that it doesn't want you to fail so it builds that confidence up almost on the sly, I guess.

    I cannot say enough good about this. A few years ago at 130kg I wouldn't have walked for 20 minutes. Now after losing nearly 70kg, I still pinch myself that I'm doing this! I love it.. it's so freeing!

  • Well done! That's a big one out of the way...onwards and upwards.

  • Thanks!! I think so too, I love the increase in my mental toughness :)

  • Well done Kel and I love the funky trainers! ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

  • Thanks, Julia! That's new word for me.. over here we call them either runners, joggers or sneakers. I like trainers.. makes more sense! :)

  • Great job! Love the tags for your post "mental, bite, nervous" could be the tag line of some new thriller.

    I'll hopefully be where you are this time tomorrow.

  • Thanks, fredl. It does sound a bit dramatic if you went by the tags! Ha! Good luck, all I can say is just slow down if you need to, it's not a race, it's you vs your head. If you've got this far, what you need to do it, is already inside you. Let us know how you get on!

  • Well done - massive hurdle. Snazzy shoes.

  • Thanks, Buffy! I think they spur me on sometimes .... Weird as it might seem!

  • I love the elephant thing kel. An old trainer of mine taught me that many moons ago:) did you like the message at the end too? Right then girl week 6......... This is where most people can lose the will to eat elephant. Just remember from now on it is literally mind over matter. You can do this you have already run for 20 mins so engage your mind over matter and dispel those gremlins. Good luck Kel. I know you can do this now. Do it for the northern uk girl :) but most of all do it for YOU. Jx

  • Yep, bring on W6! Good Friday is the next run. No rest for the wicked, I'll be up at 4.30 regardless of a public holiday to hopefully smash it out! That elephant is mine ๐Ÿ˜ This truly is a psychological fight we go through, isn't it?

  • Yes it is Kel but with those bright trainers and a click of the heels that elephant is putty in your hands. Come on girl. You can do it. We are all thinking of you. By the way. What's it like running upside down to us here in old Blighty ? lol only kidding. Best you get some new gear thou for when you hit our shores :) J

  • W6R2 is in about 9 hours time for me! I'm pumped - just made myself an awesome new playlist on Spotify to get me going!

    As for the running upside down, well it's a bit awkward at times but it's the flaming galahs and the drop bears that make it tough. Not to mention dodging all the spiders and snakes that jump out at us while we try to run! :)

    Yes, a bit of a shopping spree is most definitely in order come November when I arrive on your little tropical island, hehe! Surely someone makes compression running pants that are also thermals? :)

  • They sure do Kel. Well it will be about 830pm here when you do your run. look forward to your post run post. Come on nearly there Kel. Oh and no spiders over here lol :) J

  • Well done! And I too have a bit of shoe envy going on... Good luck with Week 6 :)

  • Thanks, I'm a bit glow in the dark but I like that. They're actually quite functional in that they are aimed at triathletes so once they get wet they dry really quickly. I live in the tropics so its fairly rainy here.

  • That is a great run to get done. Well done! For me it made me realise that this running thing is all possible. I love your shoes, they would have me smiling. X :-)

  • Thanks, I agree. I was on cloud 9 all day today. You don't know how achieving things like this go on to affect the rest of your day, but it makes you feel really strong! I love it!

  • Yeaaaah! That's the hardest run of the plan (I think) nailed! Well done Kel.

    I am swooning at your shoes! :D

  • Well done Kel ! I love reading your posts , you are always so positive and enthusiastic , it just shines through xxx

    Also , a massive big up to you for your incredible weight loss, that is truly inspiring ...

    I set my Runkeeper to 5 minute chunks , it really helps me too ! Mind you ,when I get home I could eat a whole elephant , never mind breaking it down into bite sized chunks ha ha :-)

    Definitely a mental challenge now from here on in , you can do it though, no worries !

    Keep going Kel , you are doing great and I lurrve the shoos ! :-) xxx

  • Well done. Better invest in some thermal leggings for when you run here. It's been freezing and so windy! If it were 25 degrees, we'd all be complaining terribly about the heat!

  • Yes, I think I'm going to need thermal everything!! Hehe.

  • Well done! I expect (and hope) once you have managed 20 mins for the first time it may get easier from there on. According to my normal schedule I am due to do wk5 R3 today - but it is due to be wet and windy again and I have a cold :-( . If the weather isn't too bad, I hope to give it a go anyway even if I have to do a rest walk.

  • Hey daghsar, how did you go with W5R3? I hope you went well, but if that cold has held you back, that is completely understandable!!

  • Hi, it was fine! Took a decongestant a couple of hours beforehand and breathing was ok. Just come back from wk6 r2, and it certainly seems to get easier to do slightly longer stretches of running without break. 25 mins sounds hard again...Have you got there yet?

  • Hey there! I did W6R2 and it wasn't my finest but I did it. I didn't sleep very well and don't think I was as hydrated as I should've been but I agree, I didn't seem to really struggle with the continuous run whereas the stop and start seems to be harder in a way. Weird hey!?

    Glad you managed to get out there and the decongestant did the trick! Nicely done!!

  • Great stuff and love the shoes.

    One of the advantages of running in the UK is you can always put more layers on. When it is hot, there are only so many you can take off (without getting arrested) :-) . Moved back to the UK a year ago from the Middle East and the cold still gets me, but you can always wrap up warm!!

  • Ooh.. you'll sort of understand what I'm up against then, climate shifting then! I'm ready for it.. it's the language barrier that's got me scared :P

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