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W5R3 done! Wanted to die...

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Why did my big 20 min run challenge coincide with a Saturday, bank holiday weekend and gorgeous weather!?

All those eyes. Though to be honest there were no eyes, unless someone was in the way!

I find my clock watching gets narrower and narrower as I go! I think to myself 'well you have to at least do 10mins, as you've done 8. Then there are 5 minute looks, then 2, and by last minute I'm glancing every 15seconds! Talk about time dilation.

I think the biggest hurdle is that I expect a certain run to be 'easier' as I get fitter, but the programme is designed to escalate and push your comfort zone, so I guess the end of any run is hard!

Swallowed a bug 5 mins in, and then ran into a swarm of gnats at about 15 mins - felt like dash in 'The Incredibles'.

But I did it! Am exhausted but I did it! Am looking forward to some intervals and less running next week, though I've heard warnings so will be sure to not be over-confident!

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Well played! Doing the same run on Monday. Hopefully early when it’s cooler! Great milestone run though. Good effort!

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MegRunGraduate in reply to wyersmith

Me too! Early morning before it gets too hot!

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Well done. Week 6 is sneaky and hard. You can do it but don’t go off too fast. I’ve just done the third run, the first of four 25 minute runs in a row. I hope the repetition means it will get easier!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jay66UK

Slow and steady and relax... that is all it takes..honestly :)

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Well done!

I've got mine coming next week and I'm anxious to say the least! Great to hear that you made it 👍 and it's not impossible after all!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Marvo69

Always impossible... until it's done:)

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Yay! I'm assuming that the ankle pain settled down then?

I loved Wk5 R3. From then on I knew the whole thing was possible.

You're right to show some respect to to Wk6 though it continues with upping the challenge.

I inhaled a minor swarm of gnats on this morning's run to but rather them than rainy cold weather.

Enjoy Wk6 (and beyond) 😊

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Adam657 in reply to DebJogsOn

Thanks for remembering and for your consideration!

The ankle pain has mysteriously settled! I'm not sure if it is from some muscles strengthening, or that I no longer run on that uneven canal bank. Not to mention the muddy woodland bit when the canal ran out, and I was leaping over puddles!

We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning, though usually the pain was at the start of a run, as well as shortly after it ended, and there's been none of that.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Adam657

Glad your ankle has settled down:)

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DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Adam657

I remembered your ankles because you sounded like me - every slight niggle and I'm convinced my running life will be ended for ever! 😂

Glad they seem to have sorted themselves out.

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Well done you...just keep it slow and steady as you move on... each week is different, each week prepare us for the next..Just relax and enjoy :)

Hi Adam,

I am pleased your ankle discomfort has settled down.Still worth getting the GA done when you get time and it is free.🤔

This programme is designed to keep you safe with your footfall under your hips, and of course the only way of building your stamina, and strengthening your legs and lungs in the process,is to incrementally increase the continuous non stop running periods gradually.

But as Mentor Oldfloss and many others have advised you must go slow and steady.🤔

Do not overthink it, one run in turn, one foot after the other.

No fear only enjoy.

Believe it and believe in you.🌟🏃‍♂️

Amazing! Well done.

Mumsygill profile image

Yeah well done Adam ! You made me laugh when I read the title 😂

Pleased to hear that the pain was ok too. Doing mine in the morning so will let you know!

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