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Dreading W5R3... Need I say more?!

Hi all, this is my first blog but I've been reading everyone else's since week 2 for motivation, now I feel in need of some extra positive thoughts! I've made my way through the first 5.2 weeks without too much drama. I did all of the first 4 weeks on the treadmill but have done the first two runs of W5 outdoors. I've found it much less boring but have noticed my pace has dropped, but that may be my body's natural way of getting me through the longer running time.

Now I'm facing the run that I have been fearing from the very start: 20mins non stop! I dont think i have ever run that long without stopping, ever! As I said, I've managed ok so far. It's not been easy by any means but I've found the physical and mental strength to get through everything first time. But I'm certain i'll be lying awake on Thursday night wondering how it can be possible to keep moving for that long without stopping to recover!

If anyone has any advice, or inspirational quotes, it would be much appreciated!

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Hi I felt that was my first real milestone running 20 mins non stop, felt great :) I felt the same & how am I going to do that, what got me through was taking myself out of it to speak, just focus on a target, then something else like working the heel to floor to get a smooth pace when your feeling it, mine was 100% mental, just keep telling yourself you can do this as you get tired, probably didn't help that I decided to run it at full pace for me, couldn't feel my legs after :)


I feel your pain Newrunner. Here is my post in Questions when I was nearing the dreaded run, some excellent advice on it and if it helps, I came through it so well I hated the idea of returning to run/walk/run in Week 6.


Running outdoors tends to drop your pace a bit compared to the treadmill. You will be fine though, and KNOW you can do this!! Each run for me during C25K challenged me and had me running longer then I ever had in my life. KNOW, each previous run has prepared you for the dreaded 20...your body is ready if your mind is willing. ;-) Just go slow, nice and easy and keep putting one foot in front of the other. BTW: I was scared to run my 20 minutes and doubted if I ever could... tonight, I'm running 50 minutes. ;-) Good luck! Gayle


I don't think anyone forgets how they felt before the 20 minute run. :( Or how they felt after it. :D In a way, maybe it's what makes this programme so memorable?

For me, it was probably the most significant step in the programme (after actually starting), and the point at which I believed I actually could do this thing. But it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - in particular, the second half was much easier than the first half.

If you've done everything else so far, you CAN do it. :)


Thanks to everyone for your advice and motivation. I did the 20 mins this morning. Feeling quite proud of myself!


My next run is the dreaded one as well. Just going to repeat week 5 run 2 a couple of times more .... waiting for the temperature to rise just a little!! Then I'm going to go for it!!


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