W1R3 - part 2 Done, done, done!!!

Well, made it through my second try at week 1. It felt pretty good, and I'm kinda pumped about it, but I have a question - is it better to move into the next level, and potentially have to repeat the new level, or is it better to repeat the level you just successfully completed, just to feel certain that you are ready to move on? Does that question make sense?

I guess I'm kinda "scared" (for lack of a better word) of moving into week 2 and not being able to run 90 seconds at a time.

Anyway, yay me for finally conquering week 1!!! 🏃😀


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6 Replies

  • In my opinion if you've completed the level move on. You are ready and this program works, trust the program

    Remember slow us the way to go 👍

    But it's your choice and your journey and as long as you work through the program it doesn't matter how long the journey takes you X

  • I agree ... if you've completed it, move on. I used to think, when I looked at what was coming each week, that 'I'll never be able to do that!' but somehow you do. If you don't push yourself just that little bit more each time then you theoretically would never progress past something you succeed at so be brave, dig deep but take it slowly! There is no pressure with this other than what you place on yourself and no run is ever a failure if it doesn't go quite to plan ... the fact you're up and out is testament to the fact that you can do this. Good luck and keep us posted :-)

  • Well done, indeed!... Most certainly, you have done it, so just move ahead:)

    There is really, no need to repeat a run or a week if you are following the programme and taking it very steady and slow :) If you have to stop mid run for a long time, or abandon it, then that may be a reason to repeat it. :)

    You must have confidence in the programme, focus on each run and not what is to come, and most of all have faith in yourself:) You can do this....just relax and go as slow as slow, and then slower still :)

    Keep that feeling that you have, tuck it inside when you head out, one step at a time, look around, enjoy the journey!

  • Yes i agree with everyone else. Move on if you completed the run. If you didn't , or it was a real struggle , repeat it. I repeated some- more to give me confidence before moving on really. It's your programme so do what works for you but it is really well designed to prepare you for the next stage. Just remember to slow down then slow down some more!!

  • I can't add to what everyone else has said but only reiterate...Slow, slow, slow, is the way to go😊 you will surprise yourself!

  • Thanks guys, for all the advice and encouragement! Again, you're the best!!

    I have a sore right knee (related to an old injury) today, as well as a very tight-feeling right calf, so I'm gonna take an extra RICE day, and then start W2 fresh. I'm excited about it!!

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