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W1R3 done and dusted 🏃‍♂️


Well, that went amazingly well given my performance in my last run. I seem to have exceeded myself tonight. Where to start?

1. Getting my gait assessed and fitted for correct shoes (ASICS Gel Nimbus 20’s one size up from my regular foot size) has eradicated all knee and hip aches whilst running.

2. I managed every run tonight including a burst of speed on the last minute.

3. Probably the most important point is that I am buzzing — I feel different, like I can lift this grey cloud of judgement and overcome my fears.

I learned from tonight’s run that yes, I was afraid I might die, but changed my psyche completely to, well if I do die, at least I died trying!

The only question I have to the community is if I should go straight into week 2 or repeat week 1? Any pros/cons? After run 2 I was like, maybe I should repeat week 1, but then tonight happened and I’m like, let’s go smash week 2.

Feels good right now!

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I had the same doubts about week 2 and if I should repeat week 1, but I did W2R1 today and it wasn't as bad as I expected! If you nailed W1R3 I'd say go for it. If you really struggle with W2R1 you can always move back down on the next run.


If you’ve completed all of week 1 without stopping in any runs, move on. Only repeat a run if you had to stop.


Go for it NSFC!!!!

No need to repeat a week or run if you completed it........ move on.

This programme, if you stick to it, will build your self esteem and confidence and you will realise, as so many have before you, that we are our own worst enemies and limit ourselves by our own self doubt.

It is yours for the taking.

I guess that’s what I’m realising from point 3. Self doubt has flooded me with fears and I feel it lifting. To get to this stage I feel barriers breaking down 👍

I’ll move straight into week 2. I’ll stick with a run every second day unless my body tells me otherwise. My mind says yes, I can do it.

Tasha99Graduate in reply to NotSoFlyingScotsman

You might get niggles in the next couple of weeks but it’s very normal so don’t panic about that 👌🏽

Can’t be as bad as the number of ongoing niggles I’ve had from a sedentary lifestyle — neck, backache and chest aches from being hunched over a computer for 20 years. Let alone the amount of money spent on physios, chiropractors and natural treatments where they all said our treatments will only work short term unless you begin to move... I won’t panic, maybe a leg niggle would be a nice change from the norm 🤪


Hello, I'm a whole two weeks ahead of you and know exactly how you feel (my smiley face gauge has gone up two happinesses since I started!) Keep going, kid. There's no shame in repeating if there's a problem but I have absolute faith in the programme and if I'm ok and they say to move on, then I trust them. I feel so much better in my own self and this morning I even managed a Jennifer Beals/Sylvester Stallone moment warming up to 80s pop! I wasn't expecting to have a good time out there but I am - I hope you can too xxx ps just read your first post - did you see a GP before starting this? xxx

Haha — a bit of Rocky music helps. I made a joke about it on my first run, but then threw it into my playlist and ended up putting on repeat — it really did help. I was thinking if big Sly can can do 50 squats with half a tree on his shoulders, I can run for a minute 😅

Sykesy64Graduate in reply to NotSoFlyingScotsman

Oh I was grooving to Whitney and giggling (it was very early and no-one could see my special “walking briskly to Depeche Mode and Whitney Houston” Flashdance moves!) i’ll remember to think of Sly next time I’m struggling.

Glad you’ve been sensible with your health. This programme could be the perfect way of building your confidence as well as your endurance xxx

Ah meant to add I did not see a gp before I started. I did have an episode last year where I was in a stroke unit for 10 days as they thought I had a TIA — they couldn’t find anything and said I suffer silent migraines with aura that mimic strokes (had many more incidents since). As ongoing follow up I had to visit a cardiologist 4 months ago for a stress test, long time blood pressure and ECG monitoring. All came back normal, so I assume I’m ok to run 🏃‍♂️


I'd say go for for it. If I have completed your first 3 runs. Good luck and enjoy it

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