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W1R3 blues

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So Michael tells me I have to run another two of the Week 1 runs before moving on to Week 2, so I guess I will just press ‘repeat this run’?

It was hard work today. I slowed it right down as advised by kindly people here. I was walking at about 8’5” and jogging at about 6’5”... whilst not in a state of collapse at the end of each minute, I don’t think I will ever be able to have a conversation whilst running. My nose was streaming, I felt heavy and glad to slow down each time.

I felt a bit down about something before the run, I think that had an effect today. But I can see the possibility of running for 90 seconds x 5 sets, so I suppose that is progress?

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Do you mean in the voice over? I think they use the same one for all three in the week if they're the same, so as long as you've completed all three sessions of week one you're fine to move on to week two. And congrats! 😁

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Leadfoot is right - it’s the same recording. If you’ve done the run three times, fulfilling all the requirements, you’re ready for week 2. Well done you ! ⭐️

Oh thanks Leadfoot and Buttercupkid! You just saved me two runs 😂 x

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LeadfootGraduate in reply to ktsok

No probs, you've already done the hardest week, no need to repeat! 😂

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Week 2 next!

The sets of 5 I found easier... psychologically nicer to count down from 5 than 8! Enjoy.

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