W1R3 Disappointment

I've just finished week 1 but am feeling a little discouraged. I thought it would get slightly easier with each run. I felt better on W1R2 than I did on W1R1 and expected the progression to continue. Unfortunately, although I did complete all the runs today, it didn't feel like I was ready to start week 2. Did anyone else have this? Should I repeat the week or push on? 


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16 Replies

  • Well done.  I never felt ready for the following week but I just went for it.  The trick is to pace yourself well, nice and slow as this will help you progress - it gets harder because you have increasing run times.  Once you find a pace that could let you breathe well and run a bit longer, you can keep going.  Many times I wondered when I would actually start to enjoy running.  The programme is fair but tough, get through it as well as you can.  If u do need to repeat a week or a run, that is fine, there is no races

  • Well done! Keep at it, you'll be surprised about how you get to the end of each week. Good luck!

  • "It doesn't get easier, you just get tougher!" - Something I read on Twitfacetagram at some point and its stuck with me. Firstly well done on making a start and completing week 1. Secondly if you completed week one, no matter how hard you found it, you're ready for week 2. Take it nice and slow and you'll do it. Good luck :)

  • Just.. carry on.... It will come. It is very early days and you need to settle into it. the programme will take you through... Slow and steady!

    Please do not feel discouraged, we are all here, all felt similar things and all helped each other along the way!

    Keep posting and on to Week 2!

    Start where you are...use what you have...do what you can... :)

  • Thank you! I find the support on here so encouraging! 

  • It is amazing.. there are folks on here, who can get you through anything..and not just running! Be strong and you will get there.. I am rooting for you :)

  • Hi there - I've just joined this community, although I am part-way through C25K. I have just repeated one run of W3 because I didn't feel ready to take the next step up. Repeating just one run may give you the extra practice that you need to go for the next week's programme.

    One thing I found was that running does get easier, even with my scanty experience! In W1 I thought 60 seconds was a big ask - then, by W3, I found 90 seconds was no problem.

    One thing that helped me was counting back from 60 (or 90, if you're on W2). That gives you some sense that the effort won't last forever. Good luck with everything!

  • I never felt ready if I'm honest, but do what you feel is right for you.

    If you want to repeat any of the runs before moving on then go for it.

    If you try the next weeks run & feel its too much then repeat the previous week again. But I agree with the others, go steady, go slow & you'll get there.

    You're already doing fabulously well! 

  • The progress you make is constant, but if it was on a graph it may run in a wiggly line rather than a dead straight one.  Just hold the thought that even if you had a bit of a dip at W1R3, you're still progressing with each and every run.  W2R1 may feel great - just go and give it a try! 

    Trust Laura - she knows what she's talking about :)

  • Well done on completing W1.

    I felt exactly the same at the end/start of each week,think most of us did but as the others have said go for it,remember to go slow and if need go slower......

    Good luck for W2 and remember rest days and slow is good

  • Thank you! I have made sure to factor in rest days, but are they necessary? E.g. if I have commitments on the days I should be running, is it okay to run for several days in a row?

  • Rest days are super important,running every day increase your chance of injury which means no running.

    I had weeks that I didn't run for 3-4 days which just meant I took longer than 9 weeks to graduate but it does matter.

    Even now I can go several days between runs and sometimes only run once a week.

    If busy I rin part home from work is only a 20 minute run but it's a run.

    Good luck 🏃🏻

  • I would suggest just push on. Each week you think you have reached your limit, then the next week lovely Laura asks you for extra effort and you find you have more fuel in the tank. 

    One thing that helped me to start with was, when I was running, to count backwards from 60 (or from 90, however many seconds you are running) - that convinced my mind that the effort would not last forever!

  • I found that C25K is as much about developing mental strength as physical.  Your body will  be able to cope, as long as you follow Laura, but it's those running gremlins in your head that try and put you off.

  • well done, the discouragement you feel is called a gremlin, it tries to stop you advancing, my experience was I stopped listening to them and listened instead to the people in this forum and Laura

    you can do week two you will surprise yourself :-)

    good luck and keep us posted

  • I repeated weeks 1 and 2 and maybe even 3 can't remember. The program tells you to take it at your pace and 9 weeks was not achievable for me. I'm on week 9 now (started in Jan) all you need is the determination to see it through and somewhere along the way the bug will bite you :) Best wishes!

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