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W1R3 done!

I read a lot of these posts about chaps and ladies on their week 5 or week 6 and feel that for me that is miiiiiiiles away. But this morning I ran No.3 of my first week and it felt amazing. I actually said out loud to the park "this is grrrrrreat " (no-one was around so it was fine).

It sounds a bit pathetic to say "I ran 8 minutes!" But having never done this before I felt a huge sense of satisfaction.

Right, I'm getting into my jacuzzi now fr a long soak!

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You'll be amazed at how quickly you go from finding 60 seconds hard but achievable, to 3 minutes, to 5, to 15 and so on. Much of the problem is in the mind, but if you can hang on to the great feeling of achievement that you get every time you crack one of the new time targets then the progression through the programme is remarkably swift - and you look back after 9 weeks amazed that a) you found 60 seconds tough and b) that you can actually run for 30 minutes.

It's a great feeling. Enjoy the soak... :)


Well done! I'm on W5 and just ran for 8 minutes (twice!) yesterday, but it feels like only, oh, about last week that I was on W1 and could just manage 1 minute at a time. It does move on very quickly, and so do you!


Go you! :) I vividly remember the feeling of excitement that I could actually run - and maybe even enjoy it, in the first week. About 20 weeks later and I can run for 60 times as long! I still find that hard to believe. :)


you should feel very proud, 8 minutes is a long time to keep going and I remember what a great feeling it was (and still is) to have got that far without collapsing into a heap.

Enjoy week two - another week of discovery :-)


Thanks for all your encouragement folks. Really keepsake going!


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