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Well. That was tough. Had friends staying this weekend and we a lot of fun (i.e. booze).

Probably a factor.

But all that aside, i find it so difficult to run at all and am as comfortable as I can be doing week 1. Just not feeling confident about running for longer than 60 secs... I start week 2 on Wednesday. I’ve looked at the run and I need to run for 90 secs. I can only just do 60...

Is it a good idea to repeat week 1 or shall I push through?

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I've just finished week 2 and feel the same about moving on to 3 min runs. For the people who feel like they are very much 'non-runners' this is probably never going to be easy, but you have to believe.....I say attack week 2, you will surprise yourself....

Yes. I’m hopeful that the walking I’m doing on my non-running days puts me in good stead for next week...I know it’s very different but I’m just trying to do everything I can 😊


Well done in completing week one. No need to repeat a run, far less a week, if you completed it the first time. Hydration is really important and alcohol dehydrated you so yes that will have been a factor last time - make sure you drink plenty of water including on the rest days between runs.

I think you’re probably right. Perhaps I didn’t drink enough yesterday.

I’m going to power through!

I feel better now. Its that initial feeling when I get back - I’m just sweaty and tight chested...I lose all faith!


dont worry slow and steady they tell me am on w3r1 today but for some strange reason it just seems to come easy as you go on.but if i can do it you can aswell dont give up

I hope it gets easier. I’m walking a lot in between. Just got a new dog too so he’s keeping me very active in between runs.


I had a difficult run after a big birthday party (and a few drinks) so could be a one off, well done on week one and I would probably say continue on to week two good luck

I think you’re right. An hour after getting back I feel great.

So power through.

Good luck to you!x


Well done you! Especially after such a wonderful boozy (ekhm, I meant busy) weekend :)

On Wednesday go ahead and give week 2 a try. Just go out there and do your best. Otherwise you won't know if you are capable of doing it or not. Wise girl said a new FAIL definition: First Attempt In Learning. So whatever happens, it will be positive and give you some feedback. If you would need to do few runs like W2R1 -> W1R3 -> W2R1, you will be way ahead than just doing week 1 or even just sitting on the couch ;)

So once again - applause for you! And good luck on Wednesday.

I'm on my first run o week 2 today after work.

sarah_wrighty in reply to IgaT

Thank you 😊

I will try the run and see how far I get. Again, it’s the breathlessness that slows me down not my legs, just yet anyway.

I think you’re right. Push through and see how far I get


IgaTGraduate in reply to sarah_wrighty

Remember slow, and then even slower, almost in 1 place. You can even try to make kind of a jog with stride length of 1 foot - just a thought. And when you find your comfort speed, e.g. one 60 seconds' run without breathing problem. Then keep it. The speed will improve over time.

Maybe check the distance you're doing and make half of it. Just few thoughts ;)


Well done.

If you are breathless then you are running too fast for your current level of fitness............slow down.

You should be jogging at an easy conversational pace, as described in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

It doesn't matter if you can walk faster. If you are gasping you can't provide enough oxygen to your muscles and you will tire rapidly. Speed will come as you get stronger and fitter.

Having completed a run, move on, keeping up the momentum.


Hi there Wrighty. I've just done W1R7. There's no rush! I have done a week 2 run and they aren't that much longer AND you get a longer recovery walk of 2 minutes.

If you already have a 'circuit' or route that works for Week 1 then you can keep using it for Week 2.

Keep the pace slow. You're doing great!

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