Second run of the week!

Well ive decided my mind is on the right track but unfortunately my dear "getting on a bit" body is letting me diwn😂 I decided to go back out tonight even although i was feeling tired i wanted to get into a routine of trying to go out every second day or 3 times a week! As i have just started back again i thought id stick to week 4 until i eased myself into a routine and build up slowly😊 Got on ok until last 5 min run & i wAs again really pushing myself & in last 2 minutes took what felt a bit like a stitch at the front if my hip!!! Never had that before had pain at back of hip but not front. Put some gel for muscke aches on so hoping better after a good sleep!! Hooing just a blip as im keen to get back to 5k!! Maybe i was being too optimistic and started from week 1 again but didn't feel too bad on sat morning!! O getting older a right pain😂😂especially when my brain thinks i can do all the things I could do when i was you ger😂😂😂 hope all you runners are having more luck than me😂


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  • Go steady! Slow is best for this programme. If you go carefully you should feel good. You can lose the niggles as you get used to the new levels of exertion as you work carefully through the programme

  • Hope so il maybe have to take a two day break before next run 😊 As so want to achieve the 5k again ! I maybe should have gone right back to the beginning but as i have been walking a lot i thought id be ok . I will see how it goes but stick to week 4 for a wee while. Thanks for advise😊

  • Hi there... I missed you returning to running post and have just read it :)

    Welcome back :) I did smile when I read this post... you are a youngster ...compared with some of us :) Me!

    Age, really is just a number and for me, the trick is not listening to that pesky gremlin that says you cannot do things. Obviously, we have to be aware of the limitations in some areas, if we have had injuries or illnesses, but mostly, why shouldn't we do the same things... whilst adopting strategies to facilitate them :) I thoroughly enjoy proving that little gremlin wrong :)

    So.... why not, just head out, no idea of time or distance.... run a bit and walk a bit, but ever so slowly...Your body is going to protest, of course it is, so just relax...take the steps gently and lightly...You could carry on where you are, but if you don't finish a run, so what?

    Warm up well, take some walks on your rest days, what about using the NHS Strength and Flex exercises again too...maybe take just one rest day and use that day for the exercises? Could you do an early run instead of an evening one? Set out and set yourself up for the day..I know it is something I love !

    You know you can run, you are a runner, you have done it before, so just enjoy getting back into the pattern again, but don't force it. Be optimistic, because you will do this, you are doing it :)

    Come on, chin up, chest out and go for it ....? Keep us posted ? :)

  • O old floss😊 Bless you that words of wisdom mean everything and thats why i knew i needed to start keeping in touch with the forum 😊You are so right im first to say to anyone else age is just a number i think another "biggie number" looming must be sub conciously getting to me😂 And i forgot about that pesky gremlins!!!! Ive let them get to me😱😱 thats it!! Im on it positive head on this morning ive arranged to go for a walk tonight & i will try a morning run & remind myself sliw & steady! You know the funny thing was last night was first time ever i ran with no music ! It was lovely hearing the river & birds chirping away! Il check iut the strength & flex toi! Many thanks😊😊

  • You are doing great! Those age gremlins are actually health fairies if you think about it. Running will keep you fitter and healthier, regardless of age😀🏃🏻‍♀️. I treated myself to my first 10k event as a 60th birthday present, it was a great incentive.

    Keep going and enjoy💪🏻

  • Love the idea of health fairies😀

  • Maybe that pain in your hip at the end of the run was because you were 'really pushing myself in the last 2 minutes'. It sounds like you were straining and there is really no need to.Better to slow down and stop, and save it for next time.

    Although I always advise people to drink more water, I have not been very good at doing it myself until now, and it really does make a difference to your legs. Take on more water on your rest days see if it helps you too.

    Good luck Pc59 you will get to 5k again, but no rush.😊x

  • Thanks for that & definitely going to listen to my body next time and stop when in pain & remind myself im not a failure because im stopping early! No rush & im going to try the water toi😊

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