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The woe of Week 6

So I think it's safe to say the Week 6 is proving to be my worst so far. From reading through other people's stories on Week 6 I was determined not to feel too complacent going into it. Yes, I'd run 20 minutes, but only once, long way to go on the road to fitness yet!

Anyway, I did W6R1 last week and didn't get through it. The first 5 and 8 min runs were hard, but I got through, but I had a niggling pain in my ankle and couldn't even start the final 5 minute run. I rested it a bit and repeated Run1 on Monday. It was really hard again, although I sort of got through it all (stopped and started a couple of times in the final run) This morning I did Run2, complete with an ankle support (which did seem to help.) I wasn't at all happy with how it went. Of the first 10 min run, the first 5 were difficult, though I sort of felt I was getting into my stride a bit towards the end, but had to stop for the 3 min walk. The second 10 min was hard from the word go. I stopped and walked for a minute around half way through as I was really struggling with my breathing which in turn was making me panicky and annoyed and meant I was struggling even more! I managed to get going again but soon felt that I couldn't put one foot in front of the other and stopped before the time was up.

I'm so angry with myself, but also I don't want to forget all of the acheivements up til this point. A few weeks ago, I couldn't even have dreamed about getting through a ten minute run, so I shouldn't be too upset about not getting through the second one of them! I think I'll give R3 a try on Friday and see how I get on, and if necessary go back and repeat R2 & R3. Fingers crossed this morning was just a bad day.

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I found week 6 tough and I've heard many others say the same so don't be disheartened! Just keep plodding on and this week will soon be behind you :)

You've come this far!!! Well done and keep at it!


Week 1 and week 6 have been my toughest so far. I'm now mid way through wk 7 and it's going ok. I think week 6 has caused problems for many of us.

Keep up the good work and well done for all your progress so far.


Yup, agree, Wk 6 was a killer for me too. So hard! I think possibly the issue is that we think we've run 20 mins non-stop and we can just go for it now! We are all told to pace ourselves for W5R3, and we do, and we get through it. Then forget all the advice about pace when we attack W6, and wonder why it's not getting easier. We have forgotten that up till the previous run, we'd never done more than 8 mins at one time! Really, it's a wonder any of us finish W6 at all when you think about it.

Keep hanging on in there Jess, you will get there....



I'm in the middle of week 6 now. Was totally knackered during the 8 mins of run 1. The first 10 mins of run 2 were ok but the second 10 mins were tough. I got a really bad stitch in my side and also felt like i had a stitch in my shoulder (what's that all about??!!).

Keep going, you'll get there...


I did week 6 run 2 today, its hard alright. An ankle pain will really hold you back, so give yourself time to get over that and it will get better. Good luck :)


Yup me too, wk6 run 1 ok ish but not elated, run 2 first 10 so so, second 10 tough tough tough! Don't know what I will be like for run 3 but will give it a go, thats my new motto, just give it a go! Im not stressing how long it takes me to do this programme, Im just getting up each day and GIVING IT A GO lol, good luck to everyone.


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