Motivational push needed

Hi guys,

I'm having a dreadful day at work. Moreover, I feel soo sleepy that I'm yawning all the time. (Yeap, I did have a very shoet walk outside to wake me up -> didn't work).

I have no idea how I will manage to go running after work. It's supposed to be W2 R1, as I didn't go runnin Saturday (or Sun) due to 5h (18km) hike on Sat.

Please help me somehow put my gear on and go out runnin in rain (hopefully only showers). My plan was to run 4.15pm just after work. I learnt my lesson so I'm reaching for help earlier.

Thank you in advance


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  • Sounds to me like a run after work is exactly what you need! If you're having a bad day, then running is a chance to switch off and unwind from that, and refocus. :) And if it rains? Well, that just stops you overheating!

    Come back this evening and tell us how you got on :)

  • The issue is that I had such a boring day (reading SOPs) that I do not want to do anything, just lay down.

  • Sorry... you still have to go... it will be wonderful... once you start :)

  • If you lay down, the day will continue to be boring, you will go to bed tonight feeling like you achieved nothing and wasted your day. Go for a run, walk, shuffle. Why...because you can. If you won't do it for you, do it for those who can't run but would love to. Do it in defiance after the terrible news this weekend.

  • I'd personally not get hung up about it but just think to yourself "I'm going to go out in the fresh air, have a good run, good or bad, and enjoy the outdoors and feel so much better for doing it" - oh, and make sure when you get home after work, get changed STRAIGHT AWAY, don't even sit down on the sofa, warm up, headphones on, app and music on and up 'n' off you go - that's what I have to do sometimes and indeed, will probably have to do that tonight too - I haven't run since last Thursday (and only recently graduated) so feeling a bit like a blob!!! Just remind yourself constantly how much better you feel after each run and how amazing you are and it is for you - enjoy x

  • :) Thank you!

    Go run! I will. Thanks to all support and good words I read here.

  • That's exactly what I do toriaoxford. I know if I hang on I'll have something to eat, then have to wait a couple of hours.....the excuses are endless!

  • Yeap, I did this mistake once. I will change stsight after work, almost before entering my home :P just grab fregly laudried clothes and off the door.

  • Tell me about it ......... been there many a time, all the excuses in the book but something recently just 'clicked' and now if I think I'm beginning to think like that again, I tell myself "right you, off your lardy arse, go out in the sunshine (did I really just say that!?), rain, whatever (apart from ice and gale force winds!) and enjoy a run for however long or short that may be" and I always feel so much better for having done it! Enjoy x

  • Off you pop. I will if you will...

  • Me too!! I'm off at around 4.45pm if that helps!!

  • Rainbow is absolutely right, a run is exactly what you need.

    When ever I have a stressful day nothing helps more than going fit a run.

    Go straight out after work so you don't spend time thinking about it

    Let us know how you get on ๐Ÿ‘

  • The day isn't stressful. It is more kind of pointless, but required reading :(

  • Feeling a bit like that myself today and had a day on the sauce yesterday to make things worse. I'm going to give it a bash though. Let's both just do it!

  • Go girl!!!

  • What time are you going to run?

    I like the idea of both of us going together, although separately, for a run :)

  • Probably half 5, by the time I get in and changed. Got a niggling ache in my shin too, but unless I'm told otherwise I'll be out :). You'll probably be finished before me.

  • Yeap, I'll let you know how it went ;)

    Have a nice one!

  • You too.

  • Agree with RainbowC . Think how much better you will feel after your run!

    Dreadful day at work. So what at least you did your run. Not a day wasted after all. Take that frustration and use it as a fuel to drive you through your run.

  • I like the idea of my run to be the purpose of this day :) as my work failed me today in this area. At least this will make my day worth livng it ;)

  • You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.

    Get out there, in half an hour you will be back, on cloud nine, high on adrenaline and smiling like clown in full makeup!

    Consider this your kick up the bum!!


    Everyone is waiting to hear your post run report, get out!

  • I cannot run NOW, as I am still sitting at work :( I'd love to run now, but I have 2 more hpurs of pointless work.

  • Don't think, just know it makes sense!

  • Get out there...:)

    Yes, it might feel hard, but you will be re-energised and refreshed...lovely rain...and you will probably sleep all the better, rather than having an overtired, stressed out, night's rest!!

    Plus.. I have a morning run due tomorrow and there is very heavy rain forecast..but I am still heading out :)

    So, like GoogleMe , If you do, then I will :)

  • I won't fail you, as you haven't :) You (all of you) managed to make me feel better and wanting to go oit and get wet, from sweat or rain or both ;)

    I will report as soon as I finish my run.

  • That's our girl :) !

  • Thank you all! I knew I can count on you :)

    I did it! It wasn't the easiest run my dog was anxious, especially during brisk walking periods. But we did it! Now she is resting, abd I am stretching ;)

  • Yay, well done you! :D

  • Well done for getting out there-I find my dog can be good motivation to go for a run, although we do have issues if rabbits pop out at us ๐Ÿฐ. I always think I'm cheating have a cheeky tow!

  • Hi only reading this now , hope you went for that run !

    I'm a nurse working 12 hour shifts and my best runs are definitely after a crazy work day .

    Think it's the relief I feel and even though I dread it I'm always glad I did ....... so far ๐Ÿ˜Š


  • Thank you for sharing :) I admire you that you can go for a run after such a ling shift. Hats off!!!

    Anyway, I admire most of nurses, you have very difficult and demand job. Thank you for doing it.

    I did go for a run and although I got wet and the run wasn't easy with my anxious dog, it was a good decision :)

    Kepp up good work!

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