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Bad run - any motivational tips?


I've just attempted W5R2 - I managed my first 8 minutes fine but then stopped in the second 8 minutes with about 3 minutes to go. I'm kicking myself and feeling a little disheartened, and W5R3 seems like an impossible goal at the moment. I just wanted to know if anyone had any motivational tips I could use. Unlike a lot of you I'm a treadmill runner (have to make use of that gym membership somehow)! I generally like the constancy of it and the fact that it's easier to control your speed. Also that you have screens to watch to distract you. I'm not really sure why I stopped, I did try slowing down a little (although I don't run fast anyway) but this didnt seem to help. I'm sure that I could have done it, but I'm really disappointed that I didnt push on.

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Believe in yourself, know that you can do it. I found just going out and saying to myself you can do it worked and having arguments with myself whilst running :D

The programme does work have faith in it. Take a days rest don't beat yourself up and when you are ready to repeat w5r2 say to yourself you can do it. As to the final run of w5 it seems like such a jump but you have put in the prep work, trust in yourself.

Well done on your acheievement so far and good luck


Yay. Well done on your fantastic achievement so far. Who knows why that one didn't happen for you... But another day and your vibes and chemicals will be lined up differently and the oomph will just happen. Have compassion for yourself and know you'll do it, next time... or the next.,, it really doesn't matter. If it wasn't a bit hard sometimes it wouldn't be such an achievement. Hugs , keep smiling. X


W5 is a funny week - it feels like a big step up from the very gentle start of C25K. Personally, I'd give W5R2 another go in a couple of days, and just keep at it. Maybe find something with which to distract yourself on that second 8min run - make a mental shopping list, listen to the radio, count up to 100 and then back down to 0. Remind yourself that you couldn't even run for 5mins a few weeks ago.

And yes, slow right down: the aim is time, not speed. I did a long incline on one of my runs and I swear walking would have been faster, but I just kept browbeating myself into getting to the railway bridge at the top... to that weed... to that tussock... now I'm on the concrete of the farm track.... now I'm actually going over the bridge and it's FLAT.

Sometimes distraction is all it takes - and sometimes you just have to give yourself a stern talking-to and grit your teeth against the horrid little gremlin who sits on your shoulder and reminds you of what you thought your PE teacher was really thinking: You? An athlete? Hahahahaha. I can make you suffer.... Strangle that gremlin and chuck him or her off into the nearest bushes (or, in your case, the corner of the gym) and keep plodding along.

Go for it! You CAN do it!

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Oh that's great I love the school PE teacher gremlin strangling - why were they so mean anyway?

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Haha - I remember the school PE teacher gremlin thing. I went to a sporty school where they ignored you unless you were netball or hockey team material. My overriding memory of our cross country runs is running round the corner then spending 20 minutes hiding in an old church, then running back incredibly out of breath from our 'hugely strenuous runs!'


We all have good, brilliant and not so good experiences. Repeat the day and you will do it and you will feel doubly amazing for it. I am comingto terms with two failed attempts at W5R3 -repeated it twice and not managed the 20 minutes. This morning is rest day. I keep telling myself how on April 21st I struggled with 30 seconds running....


It's 95% psychological I think. I had a bad run on Monday and gave up half way through W6R1 due to various reasons but I know that I could have done it if I really tried (cos I did it this morning! :) ).

I sometimes find it useful if I feel like I want to stop - to really focus on my arm movements as opposed to thinking about how heavy your legs feel, or how fast you are breathing! And think about how much your arms are propelling you forward whilst running.

Lol sounds a bit daft but it works for me - mostly! :D x

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Congratulations on getting through W6R1! It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's had to repeat a run. The tip about arms is really helpful - for me its all about distraction....

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Glad it helped you :) x


Every run is a good run really- its better than sitting on the couch! Sometimes we don't know why a run isn't as good as we expected. You will do it, keep repeating that one if you need to and don't beat yourself up over it. Try starting a bit slower next time and speed up at the end if you have 'more in the tank' at that stage. You are doing really well so don't be disheartened. x


There are no "bad runs" there are just "runs that didn't quite go to plan". I think you'll find everyone on here has had at least one (if not more) that didn't quite meet their internal goals. No-one seems to know why but they happen... rest up, go slower next time and keep at it... you've come so far now so don't let 180 seconds worry you... :)


So, I had a weekend off doing lots of nice things and enjoying the weather. Crawled out of bed this morning, but was still feeling pretty positive and good, despite it being the earliest I've ever run (6.30 - ouch!). Started my W5R2 run and listening to Laura, didn't think about the negativity of the last run. And before I knew it, I'd done it! The weird thing is the main thing that kept me going was the thought of being able to post on here that I'd got through. A bit sad I know, but it just goes to show how the encouragement of lovely people can go a long way, and what a wonderful place this forum is! So a huge thanks everyone - you are all stars!

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