Encouragement needed!

I hope this, my very first post on the forum, doesn't come across as attention seeking or needy, but after this mornings run I really need some encouragement (and I've seen from other posts that this is definitely the place for support). I really didn't feel like going for my run this morning - I hadn't slept well and just didn't feel up to it - but I hadn't been out since Saturday. When I first started I made myself the rule that I wouldn't go more than two rest days unless injured/ill. It was a real push to go out, but I did and I was feeling better. Halfway through the hail started... The only thing that kept me going was that my final 3 minute run would get me home quicker than if I gave up and walked the rest of the way. I'm only on week 3, completed run 2 this morning, and feel like it will be a big battle to get through the rest of the programme. Please help keep me going, I don't want to give up!

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  • OOh no you cant give up- I don't think that's allowed! Well done for starting the programme, you've already got out there so that's that battle over. I never thought I would get through the first week but with everybody's support and the podcast with Laura's encouragement I can already feel the improvement after I have been out. It can be really tough going with the weather that we are having at the moment, so don't be too tough on yourself. Keep going, you will get there!

  • Yes, keep going. I feel the same. I am on week 4 now and it seems a lot harder - having to run a whole half a mile! But what spurs me on is reading how other people felt the same at the start and yet managed to do it. I am loving it though and always look forward to my run days.

    I am 60, and loathed PE at school, was an asthmatic child and was afraid to get out of breath. I have grown out of the asthma but do now have BP problems which are, however, well controlled with meds. My GP has told me it's ok to do this, as long as I remember I'm 60 and not 30 - ha ha, how could I forget that?????!!!!!

  • Kudos to anyone starting out in the winter months, the walking sections must be hard especially in hail, well done because you did it when it wasn't easy and that toughens you up a bit more. Think of all the stamina you are building, visualise yourself in spring time - you will be a graduate gliding along! :-)

  • I agree with Notbad, it is a wicked time to start, so all you new runners are showing so much determination pushing through this wicked weather. It was a bad run, that was all. We all get them. I sometimes think it helps to get over your first one because you push past it and beat it. The first bad run is always the worst so now you know you won't have one as bad as that again. The fact you here talking to us means you don't really want to give up you just need some tlc from fellow runners, you will defiantly get that here. Happy running.

  • - yes this weather is very testing for the soul and shows real commitment to keep at it and not throw away your progress. Think of it as mental running miles in the bank- i.e. the toughening up process. I promise you it is worth hanging in there and the feeling of satisfaction when you graduate is fantastic. Maybe do a bit of weather watching and pick nice weather patches. My other thought is - half an hour and you are back through the door for a warm shower.

    Good luck- I know you can do it:-)

  • Any of us would find it tough having to run in hail! Kudos to you for getting out there and completing the run despite the foul weather. Just imagine how great it will be to run along in the spring sunshine - it can only get better. Good luck.

  • Here's a big pat on the back for firstly getting out there when you didn't feel like it, a true runner in the making. :) Also for battling with the weather elements, its not easy when you are hit by the wind and rain and in your case hail, so very well done. I can't promise better weather for your next run, I can't promise it will be easier but I can promise you that you will feel so darn proud of yourself when you have completed the program which I am sure you will. :)

  • Good for you for starting and for carrying on in such bad weather. Keep at it, you'll get there and when Laura finally tells you that you are a 'runner' - that is an amazing feeling. Good luck with the coming weeks :)

  • "Encouragement needed" - You've come to the right place!

    You have set yourself a great 'rule' to get yourself out there every few days. It does take a bit of drive to get out there and do it, and with weather as foul as you describe. Good for you to get out there and do it. (Not sure that I would have done that :-))

    The programme is really well designed to get you through to the end, and you can/will do it. There is no harm in re-doing a week if you are not happy with how it went. Then there is 'Bad Run Syndrome'. Someday's you just don't click into run-mode, and the run becomes a trudge. Don't worry about it, we all get that. The next run will be awesome!

    You are doing great, and a whole lot more than a lot of people in this country who should be doing something Don't worry about blogging the good and the bad days. There are a lot of people here who will empathise with you and understand the good day / bad day thing.

    :-) Keep running and blogging

  • I think we all agree it is pretty impressive taking up running in such climates..................my own motto is "enjoy the good with the bad". Although we may continue to have adverse conditions, the British summer is just around the corner! Therefore, see it as a way of all this adding to your running experience. Regardless of this being a bad run or harsh weather conditions or even having self doubts, just think of the progress you have made already! We all learn something from every run - I think it sounds like you have learned a valuable lesson - when the chips are down, come to these guys who are your invisible virtual running partners lolll. Keep going, dont give up and looking forward to your graduation. M

  • Thank you everyone for such amazing replies to my post. I feel so much better for reading these, and am once again looking forward to going out next time and showing myself that I can do this :) Hopefully the hail will stay away!

  • Oh heck, you have been running in a hailstorm, really, can any future run be as bad? Any slight bit of rain that tries to hold you up: laugh in it's face!

  • It was a lovely clear morning when I headed out, but unfortunately didn't stay that way! hopefully when I go out tomorrow it manages to stay away and I can have a good run again. Though now its happened once, I don't think I'd be as bothered about it!

  • Keep going!!!!!!!!!! Week 3, you've done brilliantly just think how you'd feel if you stopped. Sometimes my I feel like my knees and back want to actually end me, but I just think if I stopped running I'd be in worse pain you can do it!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  • Thank you! I'm going to keep at it, and just hope that I can keep motivated :)

  • You'll start to see the progress you have made soon & start to see how it makes you feel & this will motivate you. Don't worry about having a bad run, we've all had them & gone on. Think of it as character building.

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