W6R2 What's gone wrong

I really don't know what's going on, only a few days ago I ran for 20mins no problem today I really really struggled with 2 x 10 min runs. I know I'm well hydrated I ran at the normal pace. I really can't see what's going on. My shins hurt like hell my calves ached like never before even my ankles hurt.

I plan on doing the 25 minute run on Sunday or Monday I just hope it all sorts it self out for then.


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14 Replies

  • Have you done too much on the 'rest' days?

  • I don't think so. Just work and dog walks

  • Just put it down to an off day? Are your trainers ok? Did you stretch after? I always forget that bit then hobble about with aching calves.

  • Yeah an off day. Trainers were new at week 2 or 3. Loads of ice afterwards and a few stretches as always.

  • If it's any help, my daughter and I both struggled with this run. We did it, then afterwards both agreed that we would have given up if we hadn't been carrying on for each other! So above all, well done for completing it. Run 2 made me doubt whether I would manage run 3 but that was another run, another day - and I didn't come anywhere near as close to stopping as I did during those two ten minute runs. Maybe take an extra rest day or two to give the shins a fighting chance, then go out there and smash that 25 minute run because there is a great feeling to be had at the end of that one. You can definitely do this. :)

  • Ah, the curse of week 6! Many people have found this when returning to the run intervals after that 20 minute run - I remember it well. Have faith in the programme and believe in yourself - it will all come right!☺

  • You can do this! Sometimes I hurt so bad I could cry, - the next run I'm totally fine. Done W9 R2 now. still trying to work out why some days are better than others!

  • I had exactly the same. Went in with such conifendece on run 1 and struggled then the two 10's was a real struggle...biggest so far. Yesterday I did the 25min run, don't know how and I found it hard and had to slow right down several times but as others say trust the program and you can do it

  • Same thing happened to me. I think it's more of a mental challenge. Running for ten minutes should be so EASY after running for 20, after all. Don't worry about it, though. For me it was a blip. Things continued to be fine all the way to the end of the programme. Just believe in what you're doing, listen to Laura and you will do it. Good luck!

  • Psychology at work. W5R3...yay I am a runner!!!! I can do anything, Look at me...........

    We nearly all felt it. W6 is a toughy that brings us down to ground and is the one to remember when you eventually graduate, because although you will well and truly be a runner, the superhero outfit is still a few months away.......

    Treat the next runs with respect, not fear, and you will be fine. Well done for pushing through.

  • I remember that one. Came home so disappointed and thinking maybe running was not for me. I think we all start this not at all sure we can actually do it and when we do the 20 mins it feels like it should be a piece of cake after that. Definitely the hardest week, I think, but you will be through it soon and much stronger for it.

  • Oh I totally no how u feel I really struggled with this run. Just finished my 25mins and I found it tough enough but actually found run2 harder which is bizarre 🤔

  • Hey, congrats for completing it anyway. Look at it as just a hiccup, a couple of days rest and you will be back to yourself. Use the rice method for your shins and anywhere else that hurts and hopefully when you go for it you will be all sorted. Let me know how you get on 😊

  • I riced and rested a bit and complete the 25min run Tuesday. I felt like a hero! 🏃🏃🏃

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