Wrong sport!

So what's wrong with having ropey calves? I have great calves (for an old, unfit, ex-smoker). They don't hurt when I walk or when I run, so what's the problem? The problem is they hurt when I go swimming and do front crawl leg-kick. My physio (what a nice man) says I should stop running until he's sorted it out.

I can't give up the swimming as It's my personal goal to complete a triathlon before my 61st birthday. The swimming and cycling were supposed to be the easy bits. All I had to do was learn how to run.

Oh bother.

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  • Oh no! What a bu**er! You'd better listen to your physio but has he told you why your calves hurt when you swim? We're always told that swimming is easy on the joints!

  • No idea how long I've had dodgy calves. It wasn't swimming that caused it - it's just swimming that brings on the pain (and cramp, and frustration). It's probably from something I did back in the mists of time. Misspent youth perhaps?

  • Ah yes that old chestnut!

  • I must be honest: I don't remember chestnuts being involved :-)

  • why stop? and has he given you exercises? You need to be given an idea of the problem...and the solution!!!

  • He's given me exercises to do. Fortunately, I can do them at night with the curtains closed. Wouldn't want the neighbours to see me jumping on tip toes (and falling over).

  • Oh that's a blow ! Can you do any exercise at all just to keep you ticking over ? What a shame for you .

    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Get a second opinion?

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