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5k as promised

Well up and out the door at 4.45 and started with 5 minute warm up and we're off not using Laura trying to get used to running on my own so to speak bit to quick slowed down and kept nice even pace as I found out just now when downloaded run from Garmin one lap done and change of route onto the playing field big mistake dry where it has been cut for the footballers but as I ran around the edge it was rather wet so ran the last 1.5 km with wet socks but what the hell can't stop and take em off finished off at my house 5.08 km done now in for breakfast and get ready for work will see how far i get Friday morning

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Well done! Wet feet! Yuk 😃 I run on the trail and one of the worst things on wintry mornings is the first contact of icy water on foot. Aaaagh

One of the joys. Not! 😃

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Fortunately I had nearly finished as I don't think i would have done like that and I don't think I will try running the playing field for a while back to the roads for me on friday

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Go you.. sounds like a really good run...:) I was out too and got very wet in the fields...when it is sunny, I forget the wet on the grass, and the hedge edges, etc!

I did not check my distance today..just ran for 40 mins... inspired by Irish-John 's last post :)

I am out Friday too, so I shall follow your example and see how far I get :)

Happy Running x

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Well done Michael !

Nice early start and a 5k done and dusted .

Job completed :-) xxx


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