W4r2 completed 🏃🏼‍♀️

Hi, those of you who read of my shocking epic 'blip' yesterday will be pleased to know that I got back on it and completed it today!!! I know no rest day but psychologically I needed this.

I got mr FNL to run with me and it made a massive difference to have someone to spur me on! Also I knew I'd be posting this to you guys when I got back - which helped! So onwards and upwards 😎

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  • Well done for getting back out there just make sure you now take a rest day. One offs shouldn't matter too much it's when you go at it without allowing muscle recovery time by not resting at all that you end up getting injured.

  • Definitely looking forward to one tomorrow!!😊

  • Well done 👍🏾

  • 👍 well done !

  • Good news👍

  • Thanks all x

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