cream crackered w4r2

hi folks , well thats w4r2 done . theres gotta be some thing wrong , got 2 runs of the 4th week done and im feeling much better than i did with w3 . the last 5 minute run is a bit of a killer though . still got to sort the breathing out a bit better and i dont know how much slower i can go . my recovery times have improved and i run c25k alongside wahoo heart rate monitor and i can see improvements over the last 3 weeks. have completed all weeks in the 1st attempt, but realise somewhere along the line im going to hit a wall , but wil cross that bridge when i come to it.

funny how much difference a week makes , here i was crying in my beer and now im a happy bunny again , thanks to the advice and tips i got from you guys. when i get to the 5k half of my success will be down to you guys...i would go all kissy kissy but im a bloke lol


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12 Replies

  • You're getting fitter - that's what's 'wrong'! 😉

    You might not hit a wall, I never did - nor did I expect to!! I just followed the programme & went straight through it, so no reason why you can't either!!!

    (Remember though it's not actually about running 5k in 9 weeks, it's really about running for 30 mins non stop!)

  • Yeah ive cottoned on to that , sounds easier to jog for 30 minutes than to think ive gotta go 5k . A bit like 36mths sounds less than 3yrs lol

  • Well done doubletap! I just did W4R2 today too. The first three minute run for me is up a long incline so everything else feels much easier after that, especially the first five minute run which is mainly downhill! I've taken a sneak peek at Week 5 and I'm a bit scared about Run 3 but cross that bridge when we come to it eh? Final week 4 run is on Friday and then Week 5 first run for me is on Monday next week. Wishing you luck with your runs!

  • funnily enough thats how my week is planned, once i started to look at it as trying to run 30 min instead of 5k i think something switched , cos week 3 i was blubbering like a baby . let me know how you do . loose legs

  • Well done and as Davoda says, those quicker recovery times are direct evidence of improving fitness. You are still very early in that process and the gains you make over the next few weeks could well see you going through the program without any wall being hit.

    You are doing great.

  • The programme is designed so that most people will be ready for each stage as it comes. I managed each stage as it came even tho a week or two before I might have thought it impossible right up to graduation...I'm now contemplating my first post graduation run. If necessary repeating a run is also an option. You're doing a great job so just keep doing what you're doing!

  • Yay well done! It's amazing how quickly you are the changes!keep on going!😆

  • There are no walls, only practice runs. keep going, we're doing great :)

  • Just take one run at a time and you can do it! And if you need to repeat runs for any reason, it really doesn't matter. Good to hear you're seeing improvements to your health already.

  • You're doing really well, and obviously your fitness is improving too. Well done and just keep going, slow and steady. :-)

  • I'm just about to do this run tonight I struggled on the week 4 run 1 hoping this time is slightly easier :)

  • Just take it slow and remember your breathing . I found it was the final 2 minutes i was flagging,so conserve energy . Slow is good , slower is better. Good luck and loose legs

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