W8R3 - What a difference a run makes

W8R3 - What a difference a run makes

I posted on here a couple of days ago after the best run of my life. I had really felt like I was flying. I was on top of the world.

Well today I went out for another run, and my word, what a difference. The sun was still shining, but this time it was too bright and kept getting in my eyes. I had forgot to charge my phone so with my battery on about 10% I expected Michael to leave me at some point during the run. No problem though, just run out to the same point and come back same as R2.

I wasn't going to push myself for the same result. Can't expect a pb every time, besides my right shin was sore and my left knee complaining just as loudly. Normally I don't run on Thursdays but had brought the run forward so I can run again on Sat rather than Sunday as I will be going on holiday that day and wont have time.

Well I finished - not at my gate this time by on the corner of my close (about 20 secs slower). Not the end of the world but the end was more a sense of relief, rather than elation.

However, I am glad I did it. Every run counts right? For those on the early week finding a run tough, you will get good runs and bad runs. If its not great today, don't worry, you still ran - and tomorrow will be different!


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6 Replies

  • The running gods are fickle and don't like us having fab runs all the time. They throw in howlers sometimes to keep us on our toes 🙂

    But you did it so well done. Take that running gods 💪💪💪

  • No rhyme nor reason over why some runs are good and some runs not so, but, as you say, it's still a run. Graduation looms!

  • A run is a run is a run😊and a run that you finished is a good one. And every time you get one of those 'amazing' runs, youll think "hell yeah, this is why I do it" Only 90 minutes to graduation!! 😊😊

  • You've got it spot on - you'll go far!!

  • Means we don't take the great runs for granted doesn't it?

  • Absolutely. And I didn't even mention the stitch I got with 5 mins left to go. It makes me all the more determined to have a better run next time.

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