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What a difference a stone makes :o)

Ok, so I'll come clean, I graduated C25K last year and I haven't exactly been very well behaved since. My eating has been appauling, my exercise regime kind of got forgotten about for most of Nov & December & as far as running goes I have been Verrrrrrrryyyyy lazy !!!!!

I went for one run just before Christmas and managed a full 30 minutes but I felt like I was dying and got terrible cramp in my calves. After that I put it off and put it off coming up with one excuse or another until just over a month ago I went for a run. I figured I'd just see what happened, in the end I managed 17 & 1/2 minutes but the pain in my legs was really horrid so I decided enough was enough I had to get myself back under control before I lost all the progress I had made.

I started the NHS healthy eating plan 4 weeks ago today and decided in the interests of not completely demoralising myself to leave the running for a while and concentrate on getting back on track with my eating, hopefully lose a few pounds and get back into exercise by using my cross trainer/workout dvd's & going to the gym 3 times a week like I should have been doing all along.

Anyway long story short, I weighed in this morning a fabulous 14.5 pound lighter than when I started. Thats over a stone (albeit only just) in 4 weeks, I was thrilled so I decided tonight to put my running kit back on and get out there and see what happened. I set off thinking I'd maybe make the 15 minute mark and sailed straight past it. I decided in the end to do a full 2 miles (no further as I didn't want to risk and injury) which took just over 22 minutes. Hardly record breaking speed I know but who cares, I went out, I ran a full 2 miles and felt like I could have carried on and best of all I ENJOYED IT !!!!!

I can't begin to express how on top of the world I feel right now. A month ago I felt fat, ugly unfit and like I had wasted all my hard earned gains. Tonight I know I'm back on the right track with my weight, feeling fitter than I have for a long time and know I'll be back to the full 30 minutes in no time and then hopefully the only way is up.

Thankyou C25K you've made me one very happy lady :o)

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Woo hoo well done you, fantastic :-) congratulations on your weight loss and a good run today. Keep it up now :-D


:-) :-) So happy for you! What a great weight loss and a fantastic run!!! :-) Gayle


Sounds as though you've really turned it round, sinope! Onwards and upwards! :)


Thankyou :o) i'm still buzzing this morning !!!


Fantastic! You sound like you've got this nailed


It makes a huge difference dropping a few (quite a few!) pounds doesn't it? Your time in the gym will have helped too. Stronger and better...very well done.


What a fabulously positive and uplifting blog!

I'm smiling here just reading it.

Fair play to you.


I've had much the same thing and just blogged about it. just got to get on with it. You've had the strength to do it once, it'll come back. i actually feel terrific right now. Strange isn't it?


well done you!!

you deserve a pat on the back cos its not easy losing weight


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