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Bad run, with a difference!

I went out on my long run of the week this morning. For some reason it was really hard work, my legs were very dead today and there was lots more walking than usual. I wasn't too disheartened, as I know usually bad runs only come every so often. I was tiring a bit coming past the farm shop, and the llamas were out in the field, so I stopped to say hello.

This llama hocked up a really good gooey spit and landed it right on my nose! No run will ever ever be as bad again, cheers llama!

I ran off giggling and wiping grass from my face...

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That sounds awful! Beats the licks from dogs into a cocked hat!

Glad it made you giggle though!


Lovely imagery. :-). Things can only improve.


OMG! Still beats running in town though. They can be nasty birds.


Eeeew! Running can certainly bring all sorts of hazards - I hope to avoid that one though! ;-)


Let's be careful out there folks!


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